Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shout! Awards 2010

Last Saturday night was definitely an exciting and glamorous one at the Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil. Dubbed the most happening award show in Malaysia, Shout! Awards 2010 (our version of the Grammy or Golden Horse Awards) returns for the second time to give recognition to the movers and shakers of the local music, film, TV and radio industry.

It was an electrifying night full of energy, thrill and surprises with some of our biggest local artiste and celebrities gracing the purple carpet. Yup, instead of the usual red carpet, Malaysia is unique because ignited by Celcom's Xpax, they decided to have the purple carpet. Mizz Nina, Yuna, Bunkface, Pop Shuvit, KRU, Zizan, Hujan, Daphe Iking, Hans Isaac, Henry Golding, Joe Flizzow, Maya Karin, Ning Baizura, Adibah Noor, Faizal Tahir, Liyana Jasmay, Andrea Fonseka and Chef Wan were among those who rocked the night away.

I'm sure you guys who had caught it live on 8TV, online, twitter (#shoutawards), fb or from Fly fm/ Red fm last Sat night would know how crazy gempak the event was. The delicious surprise of the night was having Iyaz, yes you heard me right, the UK and US chart topping Iyaz who sang Replay, who sang Solo further sizzling up the atmosphere for the 1st time live in Malaysia.

Are you ready to shout the night away?
VIP passes..woots
Me on the purple carpet *ahem*
Ignited by Xpax, it was definitely Xciting

The crowd was vibrating energy the whole night. If you had tuned in on tv or radio, I'm sure you would had not missed the crazy shouts and screams of the dynamic crowd in the background.
I wonder how they can scream and scream at the top of their lungs the whole time without developing sore throat. T_T
The 3 candy hosts of the award - Henry Golding, Sarah Lian and Hafiz Hatim

Of course, aside from the awards ceremony, there were tons of electing performances; from acrobatic dancing to musical, they totally kept the crowd entertained. Mizz Nina, Yuna, Bunkface, James Baum, Faizal Tahir, Reshmonu, Cuci The Musical and Iyaz were among those that spice up the evening.
Futuristic acrobatic dancing from the Queen of Shout! Award
Faizal Tahir and Deja Voodoo Spells
Reshmonu singing Anok Anok. Someday I gotta try this guy hairstyle.
The Cuci Team from Cuci The Musical
The other Cuci members of the musical
What You're Waiting For, Mizz Nina is right there!
Some real awesome dancing from the Wakaka Crew (winner of 8TV Showdown 2010) and Giller Battle Crew
More of the boys in action
Oh yummy, here's the man in the house - IYAZ!
He brought the stadium down with his hit songs, Solo, Replay and So Big. The only niggle was he did not sang the whole of the songs live. You will get what i mean at the end of this post. Patience :)

Are you ready now for the winners? Some of the best moments of the night as the most deserving and celebrated artiste, personas and celebs beat other nominees to walk home with the Shout Award in their hands.
Bunkface receiving the first award - Best Rockstar Award
Zizan Raja Lawak was definitely lawak and the crowd loves him
Favourite TV Personality - Zizan
The amazing people behind Lagenda Budak Setan who won the Breakthrough Local Feature Award
Yuna receiving her first award, the Popstar Award from Adibah Noor and Ning Baizura
Favourite TV Program - Showdown 2010
Bunkface receiving their second award of the night- Music Video Award for Prom Queen
Bunkface giving their 'thank-you' speech
Girls, want someone hot to feast your eyes on? Here's Henry Golding receiving his Hot Guy Award from the three equally gorgeous Maya Karin, Daphe Iking and Andrea Fonseka
Johan and Zizan presenting the Hot Chick Award which Scha Al-Yahya won it but was unfortunately absent
Hans Isaac and Chef Wan presenting the Coolest Radio Announcer Award to Phat Fabes of Fly fm
Liyana Jasmay and Sasi the Don
Yuna with her second award of the night - Break Out Award
Iyaz was really cool as he looked on while Yuna gave her speech
Ultimately, sweet and poised Yuna walked home with the Ultimate Shout! Award
She was one happy girl that night with 3 Shout! Awards altogether

Here's a complete lists of the winners that night :
Best Rockstar Award - Bunkface
Favourite TV Personality - Zizan Raja Lawak
Breakthrough Local Feature Award - Lagenda Budak Setan
Popstar Award - Yuna
Power Vocal Award - Faizal Tahir
Fresh TV Series - Nur Kasih
Favourite TV Program (Non-drama) - Showdown 2010
Music Video Award - Bunkface
Flava Award (Hip hop/R & B Award) - Mizz Nina
Hot Guy Award - Henry Golding
Hot Chick Award - Scha Al-Yahya
Coolest Radio Annoucer Award - Phat Fabes (Fly fm)
Favourite Radio Show Award -Hot fm AM Crew
Best On Screen Chemistry Award - Afdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay of Papadom
Mobile Artiste of the Year - Sixth Sense
Break Out Award - Yuna
Ultimate Shout! Award - Yuna

It was definitely amazing to know that we have so many local artiste and personas that are so talented and was given recognition. Shout! Awards 2010 ended with a bang and it was certainly a very delightful night to the eyes and ears with all the eye candies and stunning performances. :)

Yes, and in case you all had missed out all the actions that night, here's some vids of Mizz Nina (The one we are all waiting for) and Iyaz. Enjoy :)

Mizz Nina thanking everyone for their support after receiving the Flava Award 
Iyaz for the 1st time in Malaysia 

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looks great! but i'm no fan of M.Y. music

Philip : I know what you mean hehe. But some of them are really worth checking out their music and films :)

The awards was alright except for certain audio quirks, one being during the Cuci performance. Other than that, I think it was MY quality end of day. :)

I'm waiting coming saturday local chinese music award...

Alvin : Yup, the audio was kinda quirky somehow at certain times. U was there? :)

wow..there's alot of people in the stadium.

wat a prestige event! :D so many celebs too!

Caroline : Yup, even Iyaz was there :)

Looks like a fun night. So Alli, please tell....how did YOU manage to get VIP passes?


Anonymous : Lol he certainly did bring down the stadium :)