Thursday, December 09, 2010

Uniqlo Flannel Shirtdress

I'm having so much fun now editing all these pics. Especially tweaking the colors and effects. And since I'm feeling kinda narcissistic these days, I'm gna photobomb my blog with a little more self photoshoots. :p

Went to Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88 last week. I know. Everyone went gaga when they first opened one month ago. So many blogs and forums were talking about it. Samore they were giving away vouchers and lucky draw or smt like that. Suze said the guard told her that 15000 ppl patronized that shop on the first day of it's opening. 15000!! Are you one of them? haha. Thank God when we were there last week, the gaga seems to have simmer down. In fact, there weren't many people and we have all the space and time to slowly shop. However, like their Guangzhou (and possibly everywhere else) counterpart, they are selling the exact winterwear mostly.

I was attracted by the flannel shirtdress that is also on promo (loves promo cuz promo items are so much more wallet friendly), hence bought my first ever shirtdress. Now the Kodak moments. :)

I also bought a hoodie from Uniqlo. Coming up in the next post. Hence, stay close to this site. :)

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LOVE ALL SHOTS!! haha great model u can be! :D

Caroline : Haha thanks dearie. U made me blush :) look good in your first flannel shirtdress!^^ You're very photogenic lar, dearie... So jealous... :P

Love all the shots and it's effects especially picca No.6 - it's so classy~ :D

Btw, I love the picture of the Angkor Wat in the background. So, beautiful!^^

Erika : Thanks darling. Don't be jealous. It's all tjje editing effects Haha :)

Erika : Thanks darling. Don't be jealous. It's all the editing effects Haha :)

6 middle photo coolz great n loving Hahaha

wow great shots..
it really suits you well..
by the way it's nice to be here in your blog

have a great day and happy blogging

Bluedreamer27 : Hi, thanks. Welcome to my blog. Hv a great day too :)