Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Holka Polka

Polka dots have been around for the longest time seriously. I wore polka dots when I was 3, my mum have plenty of those dots in her wardrobe and I'm sure my grandmum had them too. It's like they existed for so long that everyone (girls) surely had worn some sort of polka at some point in their life. Usually when I think of polka dots, I think more of retro. But such is fashion that old will become new and new will become old and the cycle goes on. So, the dots are quite a hit right now, back with a modern twist and def no longer confine to retro night dress up parties only.

I'm not a big fan of the dots but knowing how fickle I can be, the next few months I might just see myself turning into a huge sucker for them. Anyway, I took my first step into possibly being a polka convert when I bought my first polka top recently in so long. (come to think of it, I already had a polka top from Machasundae but I guess that doesnt count).

Now for some holka polka time. I really like how slim I look in some of the pics. It's all about the angle sometimes really. haha :)

Polka top : Cotton On
Inner singlet : Cotton On
Jegging : Guangzhou
Long Necklace & Ring : Forever 21
Bracelets : FOS
Oxford boot : Mezzaninetime

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nice ! i personally love 3 and 5 hahaha XD

I LALALALA love your shoes and you look so pretty =D

Lilian : Haha.. thanks dear :)

From top 3rd picture superb nice,i like this picture very much=)

very nice!! suit u well! n u look cute!! i like! :D

Caroline : haha thanks babe :)