Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Most Autumny Place in Malaysia

Because they have maple leaves and those colorful display of autumn look-alike trees. :p If only it was as cooling as autumn should be and actually have real leaves falling off the trees, you can actually fool others into believing that you are not in Malaysia but somewhere else enjoying autumn. Erm ok so it's winter now but you can tell them it's some autumn place you went last month. haha!

Now that we had reach the end of the post, I wont be so bad as to keep you guys wondering where this place is. hehe. Well, this is I-City in Shah Alam. And at night, it will probably be prettier when the lights are all switch on and it will be turn into an array of colorful blinding winter light wonderland. It's super hot in the day but I really like the fall delusion it gives rise too and definitely a very pretty place for photoshoots and camwhoring. :)

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woots, nice photoshoot!
and pretty you babe :D

delightful photos! but i never though about that place. I was thinking some cool places like fraser's hill

YuhJiun : Thanks babe :)

YHS : Hehe.. oh yeah Fraser's cooling but no maple leaves T_T

Joyce : Thanks girl :)


Dolly : It's at Shah Alam. Not too far fr KL :)

Hey Alli, who's the lucky guy in the pic with you? That's not DD is it?

I must say....nice dress....and beautiful pictures. Makes me really wish that I lived in Malaysia -- then I wouldn't have to see you only in pics....(okay....I'm waking up now) :-)


i like the fifth picture and the last two pics !!!!!

very very nice =P

M : LOL thanks. That guy is DD hehe :)

Winnie : thanks babe :)

Anonymous : thanks :)

I love all the picture esp the 1st picture..Gorgeous loh. winter n spring mood is there.

You look tall in the picture,nice dress and shoes and the model*winks*

Dolly : Hehe thanks.. winter, spring, autumn :)

Jackson : Thanks :)

nice photos!!!!i love the last pic!XD u are so sweet in ur pics gorgeous XD

are those trees real????
they look so great...
thanks for sharing us the photos... love your shots

Bluedreamer : U r most welcome. Hehe what do u tink? Reali hate to gv them away. Do u prefer the suspense or truth? Hehe. Maybe u really shd come Malaysia and see them for urselves someday :p

haha... i'll try someday.... i'll get a passport first hehe

have a great day and happy blogging

Bluedreamer : hehe they are actually made up of thousands of led lights :)

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