Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Not that I actually mind having those super long shiny silky hair of Rapunzel. Well, my hair may not be as long as Rapunzel yet, but it is certainly super duper long already because I had not cut them for a very long time. I did trimmed the ends but that's about it. So even though I love my long straight hair now but at the same time, I'm getting kinda bored of my look already. It's like I felt it's time for a change of hairstyle, a change of look. Question is, what kinda hairstyle? Like I had done curly, straight, medium, long, dyed them in red, purple, brown, mahogany and whats not, hence it seems that whats left is................... short then *gasp* The last I ever had short hair was when I was 16 and that was also because I was in some competition that required me to chop them short. Ever since then, I decided that I look hideous with short hair because I have a pretty small face so I had not dared to venture back into short hair. And why do I not love my hair long when I can style them anyhow I like even on bad hair days. And I like to twist around my hair or play with them when I'm stress or nervous or even excited. And in emergency, if you need a thread, I can just pull a strand off my head and use it as a thread. (ok, I had never done that but that's what my friends always suggest I do anyway :p)

My long long hair. This was taken like 5 months ago and now it's actually even longer. My hair does grow quite fast. Too fast actually the black roots are all creeping out.
If I continue keeping them long, soon I'll be sitting on my hair
I can simply just bun them up for a different look
Another type of bun.. not forgetting I can add all the cutesy hair accessories after styling them
The hair bow
My fav side braid
And the best part of all, I can cheat them short. So I can have short hair too when I actually have long hair.

That's why I had been comtemplating about doing anything at all to my hair because they are just fine as they are now and I'm afraid due to a moment of impulsiveness, I might end up with some ugly hideous hairstyle that I totally regret. I know I'm in such a dilemma. On one hand, I like them just the way they are now, on the other I had this sudden impulse to just go chop them short. Like real short.
Actually, I kinda reallly like this pixie hair cut on Emma Watson. She looks younger and better in it I think
I like this kind of asymmetrical short hair too but it looks like it requires a lot of styling and I prefer something thats easier to maintain (and also what if I dno how to syle it to be as stylish as this)
I find this kinda mohawk short cut kinda cool too but obviously too cool for the hospital. I can just imagine my dean giving all her disapproving comments, so I guess this will be a no-no.
This bob looks totally lovely but then again, my hair has a problem of curving nicely in like that when it is short, so I will never be able to have a nice bob like that :(

Really, what should I do? Those short hair cuts looks totally gorgeous to me but I'm really afraid I can't take those looks. Can I?  Maybe I should just leave my hair straight as they are; boring as it may be, but at least they complimented me well. What will you do if you guys are me? :)

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You can't style as much as long hair. Perm it, perhaps? or dye it! haha it'll look gorgeous. Straight hair is good for styling :)

I recommend cutting 6 inches off, dye it black to your natural color, and add purple highlights. :p

I would NOT recommend that you cut it really short. Although it is true that "some" women look good with very short hair, the really short hair doesn't work for most women IMHO.

If you want to make a somewhat dramatic and striking change to your appearance, you could try BLUE or GREEN colored contact lenses. As striking as you already are....seeing you with blue or green eyes might just have guys chasing you all over town...and through the hospital...haha.


Melody : Haha I know straight hair is so versatile :)

M : hahaha blue/green contacts? I nv worn contact lenses so that will be another new attempt :)

i prefer u keep ur current hair dearie. :) those short hair do look gorgeous but u see our hair grow quite fast, cant keep it long. :/

Caroline : haha that makes sense. Luckily I did not act on impulse :) look great in both short and long hair but you look better in long hair especially with the cute buns, ribbons and all~

So pretty... :D

Erika : hahaha so another vote for long. Yay. Lucky me din cut :)

Just keep your hair grows longer till your butt... your hair so healthy and thin...