Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Nordic Mickey Hoodie

Instead of the usual still pictures, I had decided to compile all my shoots with my nordic Mickey into animation. So that they'll be alive and moving. :p Ok, I'm pulling your leg about them coming alive, but they are certainly moving yeah. My very first attempt! hehe. Initially I tried following this tutorial but clearly it is quite complicating (im such a noob) but after deciding to skip a few all too sophitiscated steps, I actually succeeded. hehe. It just shows how tutorials shd be made as simple as possible. *wink* I'm still in the excitement phase from the novelty of animated pictures I just learn to create and I think I had stared countless times at them, amused each time they switch in between each other.

Anyhoos, nordic Mickey is the hoodie I bought from Uniqlo along with the shirtdress. A joint project between Disney and Uniqlo. An early Christmas present for self. haha. I love how it keeps me warm, the way it can be worn 2 way, the Mickey Mouse, the nordic, the color, the fit, how ridiculously light weighted it really is ; basically everything about the hoodie. I personally like the light weight factor a lot because light weight is good especially for traveling. Can saves on lugggage weight. And Mickey Mouse is so cute (I'm not too old for Mickey yet ahem).

Ok here comes the exciting part - the moving pictures. haha. Be amused :)

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wow...very *blink blink* your gif photos...haha~ anyway, good posing~

Anderson : Thanks..Haha blink blink?

Anderson : Ooo.. nice.. hehe. :)

WAH! Nordic Mickey Mouse! What a unique combination!

Stephanie : hehe yup :)

Y-square : Indeed. Love the combo :)

hehe i am amused loll cute one XD u r not too old for mickey mouse lah teheee how u take the pics one?tripod?

hehe i am amused loll cute one XD u r not too old for mickey mouse lah teheee how u take the pics one?tripod?

Domokun : haha thanks. Yup tripod :)

New outfit??? Nice=) color looks good too. Btw,izzit the latest design?

Dolly : Yup.. hehe. Thanks. It's the winter collection :)

I am only amused, because YOU are such an amusing gal.

Hey, did you change the color of your hair? I like.


oh yeah... i enjoy the gif presentation of your photos

I love hooded shirts and jackets... but not the one you are wearing of course haha that's for women only....
I love wearing shirts with either collar or hood... haha

have a great day and happy blogging!

M : Erm nope. It's just the black roots showing :)

Nweomma : hehe :)

Bluedreamer27 : Thanks.. haha.. of course it's the men one.. haha. Hv a great day too :)

Wow, I love Mickey Mouse too! And the jacket is really something to die for! You look so cute and good in it! Lovely~ ;)

Erika: Yay mickey mickey..hehe thanks love :)