Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cafe Para-Para

I'm in a pretty stuporous state right now. Half of mind is drifted somewhere in lalaland and the other half is here still semi-consciously typing this. I can still feel the food I had eaten earlier in the night getting friendly with each other in the comfort of my stomach. I really love to just slumber off if not because the digestion process that is taking place in my tummy is keeping me awake instead. Jan is such an exciting month because we have so many birthdays around. Just a few days ago, it was SL and JY's. In the next few days it'll be CL, CW then ST and mumsy too.

So because I'm going back to turtleland tomorow (omg why did 2 weeks flew by so quickly), we decided to have an early celebration for mumsy. We choosed to go try out this buffet which is the main culprit of why I felt like fat, spoilt Garfield right now and Im gna exposed these culprits to all of you right now. Buffet is always such a bad choice. Dont get me wrong. I love a good buffet probably just as much as anyone of you do. It's the after effects that I do not fancy. :p

Fresh mussels, oysters and prawns
Salad and fruits
Mee Soto Ayam
Sashimis and various meat loaf
The gingerbread house from Christmas is still there! haha
Can diy your own ice kacang too. 

I cannot remember how many rounds I ate, maybe 5-6? Everything looks so yummy I just had to try a little of everything.
The prawn salad, squid salad and stuffed tofu
Har Lok prawns, chilli crabs, Nasi Hujan Panas, grilled fishes and mixed vegetables
Fresh oysters
Chicken cordon bleu and seafood lasagna
Laksa Johor
Szechuan fish maw soup
Desserts!! <3
Mango sago
Ice creams
Happy birthday in advance, mumsy! Love you lots xoxo :)
Generally I think the food is quite ok especially for hotels standard. After all a lot of hotels buffet are overrated. The oysters are fresh at least and the chilli crab and desserts were quite good. Besides they do have quite a lot of varieties of food (which explains why I can be so stuffed), so make sure you put on your best buffet outfit and bring an empty stomach the next time you plan to whack yourself silly with food.

Alritey the other half of my mind is shutting down too now. So I'm off and out, probably going to dream of more food. hehe. Toodles! :)

Cafe Para-Para,
Grand Paragon Hotel,
18, Jln Harimau,
Taman Century,
80250 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-2685222

Disclaimer : This is an unpaid review/advertorial. All recommendations are based on my POV only, hence I'm not responsible for any discrepancy in taste/opinions. :)

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Wow Alli, you've really been in the mood to write about food a lot lately.

It looks like I may be coming to Singapore in the second quarter of this year. I don't know the specific dates yet, but get ready, because you'll have to tell ME some good places to eat there. (Maybe you can even meet me there and show me in person) :-0.


M : haha and I still hv a few more food posts so be ready to be hungry hehe :p oh dats nice jz lemme noe anything in particular u r interested to try. I will try my best even thou I'm more familiar wif Malaysia than Singapore food :)

The food looks yummy! when ur in KL u should try this Japanese buffet restaurant too.. Its called Tenji!

Melvino : Hehe I tried Tenji before. Ya oso quite good :)

how can you eat so much ? food posts always makes me hungry xD

Wow....just look at all those mouth-watering gorgeous food! *Stomach grumbles* Opps... :P

Next time I must try to makan there while I'm in JB arr... Great post, darling! Keep it up, ya?

And all the best being back in Turtle Land. Gambateh, Allison! :D

Vivi : I have an expandable secret stomach hehehe :p

Erika : haha lunch time! Yeap def go try. Thanks dear. Take care too :)

Oooo!!...lovely desserts and lovely mother and daughter;D

I am gonna eat look for desserts now too..have a goodday=)

Nweomma : Thanks. Enjoy ur desserts and have a good day too :)

I just love buffet :) Thumbs up! yummy yummy.

Hsien Yit : haha then I tink you will enjoy this too :)

Para Para is a nice name~~

Dolly : Yummeh!! :)

James : :)