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Despite it's name, it's not a real blog at all. haha. In fact, it's actually a refreshment kiosk selling beverages. I have seen this pinkish kiosk many times at City Square especially when I'm going in and out of Singapore but never had a chance to try it until last week. Because I'm such a fan of everything black pearls (cuz I simply love chewing them pearls.. no I don wna hear their 'horror' origin tyvm :p) so I was pretty excited when Feeq said he needed some Johor bloggers to review the place with him. Nothing beats reviewing something you love and is familiar with. hehe.

The pinkish kiosk. I think you either totally love the pinkish theme or is annoyed by it. haha!
Toppings you can add at only RM 0.60 each.

We were given a few flavours (mainly their best-sellers) to try and before I tell you how they taste like, one thing I realized that makes them different from the rest is the fact that Coolblog does not merely sells typical bubble tea. They certainly sells more than that which is why they are more of a beverage kiosk because other than their trademark fusion of tea with natural fruit taste, they also sells smoothies, ice blended, soda, milkshake, yogurt shake, coffee etc all with the bonus of being able to add toppings and black pearls. And their drinks are cheaper comparatively. Without toppings/black pearls, their drinks range from RM 1.80 to RM 3.00 per cup only.
#1 - Ice blended pink guava. RM 2.50. Not bad, quite refresing especially on hot days.
#2 - Ice blended blue coral. RM 2.50. This is one of those you'll either totally love or hate. To me, it is similar to those champagne flavor ones but some others claimed that it tasted similar to cough syrups.
#3- Volcano Milk Tea w/o toppings or black pearls. RM 2.50. Also known as the 3 layer tea just that you are given the choice of adding toppings here. Not too much to my liking because I find this super extremely sweet. But I think you can request for 'kurang kurang manis' next time. hehe.
#4 - Oreo Smoothies blog. RM 3.50. I'm a bit bias in this cuz I hate cream and they added cream to this! It is very concentrated so Oreo lovers will probably love it. As much as I love Oreo, I would had love this more without cream. ^^
#5- Strawberry Yogurt with Grass jelly (cincau). RM 3.50. I kinda like this actually. Cincau + strawberry + yogurt is not such a bad combination after all.
#6- Cendol blog. RM 2.80. Don't they look just like the real thing? This is also very sweet but the apple jelly topping kinda balanced it up so it tasted quite good overall.
#7 - ABC blog. RM 2.80. Whatever they married together in that cup, the end result is pretty good. It's worth a try for a local flavor twist.
#8- Chocolate blog with black pearls. RM 3.10. This is my fav that day mainly because it's a combination of 2 of my fav things - chocs and black pearls. haha. Rich but at the same time, not too sweet.

They wanted to offer us more flavours to try but honestly after the 8th cup, I couldnt take it anymore. And Feeq and Suresh were like surrendering too. My whole stomach was filled with so much liquid that if you do a percussion, I'm sure you can elicit fluid thrill!haha. Ok, Im just saying but really, I went to the washroom twice just trying those 8 cups.

Overall, I think Coolblog beverages are quite decent, some might be too sweet for my liking but there are those that tasted pretty good too. They are also constantly adding up new flavours to their menu every 2-3 months so it will be quite fun checking out the new flavors. And it was awesome of course being able to meet the other Johor bloggers. :)
Bloggers : Josephine, Suresh, Feeq and Jacklyn
Disclaimer : This is a food reviw but I was not paid to promote them. All opinions are based on yours truly POV only, hence yours trulyin to responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

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omgg im going to sg next week i must try! they look so yummlicious :D

da choc n pearl looks nice lol

wow.. im sure the owner of this shop is also a blogger... no doubt

Jiashin : Hehe.. yea can try :)

Anony : It's my fav :)

Bluedreamer : Hi, hmm i dno but I don tink so! hehe :)

I come to know of the products when I was stopping by at a R&R area along North-South Expressway. The naming seem kinda weird to me.

Biopolymath : Ya they have outlets all over Malaysia. I guess they wanted a catchy name hehe :)

haha! KK here got lots selling this kind of drinks too! i love them! but not all them. :D

ahh I wonder selangor KL got or not XD

Caroline : I know wat u mean. Cz not all nice one.. hehe :)

Kian Fai : Got got.. they got outlets in most part of Malaysia hehe :)

You're very pretty in the photos. =D

Jfook : Haha thanks. *blush* :)

They all look so yummy... particuarly liked the look of the one with apple jelly on top. Nice post :) Do you happen to know why the owner decided to call his kiosk CoolBlog?

Sinan Kubba : Thanks. Maybe the owner likes blogging too. hehe. We asked but the manager said he's unsure of the reason as well. :)