Friday, February 11, 2011

World's Tallest Indoor Tube Slide

Finally did the Lex Slide, the one of the kind world's tallest indoor tube slide at Empire Gallery 2 weeks ago when I was down in KL. As harmless as it appears to be, it still sent butterflies up my stomach and turned my legs wobbly. Anything that involves falling from height at high speed not only sent butterflies and turn my legs jelly, it also makes my heart do all those little gymnastic stunts and activate my sympathetic nervous system to the max. But yet, I still like to try rides like that perhaps because I also enjoy the adrenaline rush and thrills it gives rise to.

This slide is nothing like those ordinary slides we used to play or often see at playgrounds. This is one that is 50 metres in height, 5 storeys high and only takes 10 seconds to get from the beginning to the end. Hence, in my dictionary, similar to falling from height at high speed! The worst part is, it is located right in the middle of the mall so even though I had an extreme urge to scream, I cant because if I do, the whole mall I'm pretty sure will hear me and all the kids that went down the slide before me never scream and could even laughed their way down. Why don't they just scream so I wont be the only one? Hence, even though it was scary alright, I was pretty sure I let no sound louder than 100 Hz escaped and hung on to my dear life by clutching my handbag real tight and counting the seconds as I swooshed past each floor very very slowly quickly. *ok probably I'm the only one who finds sliding down a 50 metre tube slide in 10 seconds scary*

My legs turned jelly when I look down the winding slide from the 5th floor. I started giving it second thoughts actually. And it has this see-through-top where everyone can see my horrific unglam look as I slide down. Or you can enjoy looking at people looking at you as you swooshed your way down. -.-'
Tickets to give your heart some excitement and make it work harder and faster. Usually it's RM 12 per slide down but because they said we are nice and cute, they allowed us to slide down twice at the same price. Double experience for the same price.(truth was they are having a promo now hence the offer :p)
*thud thud thud* I was feeling so nervous and had cold sweats buiding up my palms already as I watched Human Torch and Jessie braving through it like ABCs. We had to slip our leg into this blanket like thing and had to keep our heads slightly raised throughout till we reach the end.
My reaction at the end of the ride. So relieved can 10 seconds finally went by. But yes I did it! TWICE samore!
Somehow doesnt look as scary as it was from the top *psychological effect*
My heart was still pounding real hard and fast against my pericardium after 2 slides down from the adrenalin rush but I still managed to stand tall and good. haha!
It was quite an awesome experience although it was pretty scary for me too. It's that kind of thing that send you jitters and excitement at the same time. And located prominently in a mall means it is def the most convenient way to satisfy any cravings for adrenalin rush without having to visit theme parks. Just remember to not wear skirts or dress if you want to take the slide cuz Im sure you don't want to 'zhou guang'. Human Torch took this vid while he came down the slide so I'm putting it up here so you all can enjoy the Lex slide virtually too while taking in the surronding scenery Empire Gallery. :)

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I haven't been to the slide even though I live nearby. haha.

Chuen : Haha can go try anytime! :)

where is the place?? seems like interesting place. lol

Shii Teck : It's in Empire Gallery in Subang. Behind Subang Parade to be exact :)

Anony : Haha credit to Human Torch :)

i've heard of it i never knew it looks so scary! * i got height phobia one*

XCB : It is indeed quite scary one for ppl who have height phobia especially. :)

I saw you tweeted about it that day! You ride two times somemore, means RM24 waaaa!!

Hilda : Hehe nah we only paid RM 12 cuz they were having promo and it was RM 12 for 2 rides. :)

Hello Allison i found your site from a friend of yours Caroline. Your have a very nice site here and am going to follow you on twitter. Have a great weekend.

Bill : Hi, thank you and nice to meet you here. Glad you like my site. Have a great weekend too :)

OMG! I dont think i will go for this!! LOL!!

Caroline : Hehe.. u scare of heights darling?

I scare of Height too!! XD

Nawh for my weight I think I am not allowed to play this toO LOL!

Kian Fai : haha I don't think they got weight or size limit hehe..

I bet that THT a.k.a = DD didn't get two rides for the price of one did he? Only the two cute ladies, like it should be :-). Or was he to scared to try? :-0


M : Hahaha of course he got two rides too. The lady there said he's equally cute. hahaha :)

Hei,do you know that valentine's day must send fresh flowers to show sincerity and true love.

Woo...I wanna try that slide too! It looks scary but fun! Just wait, I'll conquer the slide on day~ Hehe!^^

Good job, darling! Go, Allison! Wee! xD

Erika : You sure will darling. I know u can do it too :)