Friday, March 18, 2011

Crack Nail Polish

I really wanna thanks my mum for introducing this interesting nail polish to me. Seriously, sometimes I feel that even my mum is more up to date on fashion compared to me. I was getting bored of my usual nail polish colors and was telling mum about some new colors that I'm planning to get and that's when she went like, 'Get the crack nail polish. It's the latest thing now.'

I always love it when there's something new to experiment with. Yeah, so this crack nail polish is actually similar to OPI Katy Perry shatter nail polish. I don't know where you can find them elsewhere but I found mine at a mall back in JB. At first look, the nail polish appears just as any other nail polish. But the magic prevails once they dry, creating the crack/ shatter effect on the nails! Really interesting. I have been playing with it for quite a while and it is really so simple and fun. Don't need any complicated steps or specified tools. All you need is some time and patience.  ♥ :)

My crack polish is from Korea though not the OPI one. They also come in a variety of other colors like orange, yellow, black, red and green.
Ta-da! The end product. *sorry this is my 1st attempt hence look a bit cacat*

But after few attempts, I learn that we shouldn't coat them too thick and they will produce the desire effect. I had included a simple tutorial on how to apply the crack new polish. Just some really simple steps and reminders to take note of. Hope you guys enjoy them. :)

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gosh! that's really awesome! where can we get this ah?? :D

OMG That is so cool! So we need to put a white nail polish as base first? Btw, is it possible for you to get another bottle for jb? (:

Caroline : I got mine from JB :)

Hilda : Hehe yup need a base 1st, white preferably. Can no prob but I wont be going back to JB anytime soon (in another 3 months like that) so the next time I'm back I'll let you know ok? :)

wow wow wow! This is simply awesome! I want some too.. wait.. let me study where to get them in Kay EL!

i always enjoy looking at those nice manicure work on ladies fingers, really interesting, haha..

Merryn : Hehe sure.. and pls lemme know if you find them in KL. Would love to share it with my readers :)

SK : Haha yeah especially some that are really really nice one. :)

thanks for visiting.

saw the pic of u in surgical scrubs, so went on digging to find out which school u go to, rest assured, puzzle solve... final year now?

Medie007 : Haha I guess that's not a tough one to figure out :p. Yup final year now too. :)

awesome. Will definitely try this

Misslikey : Can't wait to see after you try them :)

I have a LOT to say about this post....well, okay....maybe not...


interesting. Didnt know about this

Small Kucing : Hehe you can let your mama kucing know now. :)

Can guys also do this? :P

BTW if let say that's the only medicine for u to cure ur terminal illness, would u go for it?

er..... example u got cursed and turned to be ugly then the only option to change back is to eat the tokay's meat, would u?

Joshua : Why not? You can be the first guy to try :)

Back to the tokay ques, no, i'll still not eat them. Firstly, there is no evidence that you'll def get better so it's just a 50-50 thing. And one of my biggest phobia are lizards so unless anyone feed it to me without my knowing, otherwise never! :)

waa..nice eh.never know there's something like this.which mall in jb btw?i wana ask my relatives there to get one for me LOL

Lovely it looks on the nails, very vibrant. Have also one article on my blog draft, will be posting soon.

Domokun : Thanks. I bought it in Holiday Plaza. You can tell your relatives about it. :)

Nava : Ya and they come in some other even vibrant colors. Cant wait to see your post about that. :)

O.O.. Cool nail polish.. It is so easy to apply. Does not need much procedure. I wonder where can get in KL..

Christyne : Yeah just need time and patience, not much procedure. Hmm I try looking around KL before but didn't manage to find it. But perhaps you can try Sg Wang? :)

abit freaky with crack nail style eh XD

Kian Fai : Haha its the latest thing now :)


Wow, I loved the effect of the nail polish!!! I'm so gonna try it when I have the time~ :D

Thanks for sharing it with us, darling!^^

Erika : You are welcome dear. Yay faster try and share it too :)

Erika : You are welcome dear. Yay faster try and share it too :)

amazing shade!! love the crackling effect <3