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Genting Blogger's Day Out ▐ Uncovering First World Plaza Treasures▐

2 weeks ago, I received an invitation from Genting inviting me along with a few other bloggers to their Blogger's Day Out event which I gladly accepted. I think most Malaysians are familiar enough with Genting, but beyond their theme parks, did you all know that there are many more treasures waiting to be discover at First World Plaza?

Well, no matter how many times I have been there, the mere thought of being up, up in the mountain, unwinding at 6000 metres above sea level surrounded by cool temperatures (average temperature there is about 22 degree) and lush greeneries never fails to excite me.

I was up at 6.30am and left home by 7.45am for fear of jam but perhaps because it was a Saturday, there was no jam in KL. Traffic was surprisingly smooth and I actually reached Wisma Genting (pick up point) half an hour ahead of scheduled time.

A fresh picture before starting the day. 
It took us only about an hour bus ride to reach the peak. How convenient! After sniffing in some cool refreshing air, we were ushered to The Visitors Galleria at Maxims Genting.

The Visitors Galleria is the place to go to learn more about the history and development of Genting Malaysia Berhad. It's really inspiring to hear the story of how Genting grows from the past to their achievements today. Hearing their story makes me feel proud of them really.
My tag for the day.
The awesome man who founded this awesome place - the late YBhg Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr) Lim Goh Tong or more fondly known as Uncle Lim by many.
Around the Visitors Galleria

After a brief tour around the galleria, we moved on to First World Plaza which has like everything seriously. From eating to shopping (Cotton On just open a new outlet there! XD) to attractions and entertainment. We also uncovered our first treasure there - The Pedas Springs Spa. How many of you honestly knew that there is a spa in First World Plaza before this? I never realized behind the Rich Dad Cafe, there is actually this flight of stairs that leads downstairs to this treasure. And besides spa and massage, you can get your hair, face and nails taken care of too.
Everybody say 'spa'. :)
Once we step into Pedas Springs, almost immediately I can feel this soothing, relaxing atmosphere that will definitely bust any stress away. We took the opportunity to explore the entire place, checking out their jacuzzi,  steam, treatment, infra and massage room (I wouldn't had mind spending an entire day pampering myself in them. If only there was sufficient time). They even have couple's suite so couples can enjoy getting pampered together. Customers waiting can entertain themselves watching the huge screen at the waiting area or go online with the free wifi service.
This is their exclusive Floating Villa which extends out into the paddle-boat lake where lovey-dovey couples can enjoy the natural outdoor air and scenery while having every inch of their muscles massage and taken care of. So nice.
I felt like an extremely bright 'light bulb' standing between the 2 couples. ^.^
We were treated to their foot steam which left my feet feeling really soft and smooth thereafter. Honestly, after the 15 minutes foot steam, when I touch my left foot with my right and vice versa, I was surprised at how smooth they are. Like baby skin smooth can. My feet must be really happy that day. They also gave us a good shoulder and neck massage while our foot got steamed. A foot steam and shoulder massage is really something I can do with right now (pain and aches from last week Sports Carnival has not subside).
The other bloggers enjoying their foot steam and massage.

After the refreshing and relaxing session at Pedas Springs, my tummy was more than happy to welcome lunch at First World Cafe.
I was spoilt for choice at their wide buffet selection. As Chinese New Year just ended at that time, they were still having Chinese New Year themed buffet thus, we could still find Chinese New Year dishes like yee sang, fried spring chicken, Chinese pudding and Kam Heong crabs. I am elated to hear that they are going to have a Thai themed buffet next month in conjunction with the Songkran Festival in Thailand as Thai food is one of my fav. Of course they are going to add many more goodies to their selection making Genting truly a 'Mountain of Food'.

Now that we had gotten our feet and stomach happy, it's time to continue our quest in uncovering the rest of First World Plaza treasures. The next treasure was certainly something I was not keen on. In fact, I even told Amelia I had a weak heart and I might get heart attack halfway but she didn't buy my story and make me go through it all the same with everyone else. :(
Can you guess the second treasure?
No? Another clue. I bet he's one of 'them' responsible for scaring people like me.
Yes, it's the Haunted Adventure! I don't know if I have told you all these, but me no like haunted house. I know all the 'ghosts' are fake but I get scare all the same. I was dreading every step into the haunted adventure. On top of that, the Haunted Adventure in Genting is in 3D, so we had to put on 3D glasses! Imagine my horror when finding out we can now enjoy seeing the 'ghosts' clearer with our 3D glasses.
Pose for pic first before the 'scaring' begins. Despite the smile, I was filled with much horror actually. 

I tried my utmost best to not scream (because they said the 'ghosts' likes to target the one that screams the most) and was keeping my head low almost throughout the whole time but I still got scared by some of the 'ghosts'. The 'ghosts' were very smart in choosing their targets to scare. The 'ghosts' are really good, so if you are up to it, challenge yourself to a walk through the Haunted Adventure in 3D.

After the scary experience, I was more than happy to head to the 3rd treasure; Ripley's Believe It or Not for some eye opening experience. I was totally amazed by the wide collection of unbelievable and unusual exhibits on display. As hard as it is to believe that some of the exhibit really exist but yet as Ripley says, 'Believe It'.
The fertility statue. It is rumoured that one touch of these statue and you will surely get pregnant. Infertile couples should really give this a try!
The magic mirror that can roll all tongue. Promise me you'll go roll your tongue at this mirror if you ever visit Ripley's. Go ahead and enjoy twisting and rolling your tongue as much as possible. :p
The mystery gate that never seems to open. But yet, the last record holder who managed to solve this mystery is a 5 year old kid. IQ and age clearly does not correlates.
Definitely hoping it brings me plenty of luck this year.
Meet the tallest man in the world, Robert Wadlow at 8'11''. I felt like the people of Liliput in Gulliver's Travel.

Actually there's many many other more interesting and unusual exhibits but I don't want to spoil it for all of you. You really have to go check the place out for yourself for seeing is believing, no?
My holiday card worth RM 100.It is like a prepaid card so they will only deduct your value after each use. And right now, they are having a promotion so you can get like a 15% off face value. In simple words means you pay less than RM 100 to get a card worth RM 100.
With the Holiday Card, we went to watch the 4D motion master. Just my humble opinion but I think more 4D effects should be added because it will be more surprising and entertaining to have water and smokes coming out at unexpected juncture.
 We I really really wanted to go fly at the Sky Venture, another fascinating treasure (Asia's first wind tunnel simulator) but they were fully booked for the day. *sadness*
We also wanted to experience winter at Snowworld (who says we cant have snow in Malaysia) but the timing was totally wrong so we ended up giving it a missed. Snowworld is another treasure because it is Malaysia's largest indoor snow attraction.
Genting Bowl. Glow in the dark one. Definitely takes bowling to a new level.
Throughout our whole afternoon at First World Plaza, there was on going performances at the Times Square. From Malay dance to Chinese acrobats to magic show. This is the magician performing the rope trick.

The finale of the day was quite the highlight actually as we unwind and enjoy our dinner at The Patio - a 3 concept bar and lounge. It comprises of the General Bar where there's like 12 international ice cold beer on taps, the Tiger Bar and the posh 'Godfather's Lounge' where some really expensive wine and whisky are kept. The most expensive wine there is about RM 60,000 one bottle! There's also a live band playing while we enjoyed our dinner.

Actually, besides our Blogger's Day Out, ongoing simultaneously that day was the 'Single to Mingle' event. Genting basically played cupid to 9 guys and 9 ladies (the participants were selected from Genting's fb page) and in pair, they had to play a Genting version of the Amazing Race. Along the way, hopefully they managed to build up chemistry with each other and who knows, something might just happen between the both of them. haha!

I felt so out of place as all the participants (especially the ladies) came dress to the nine for their date at The Patio. It was really amusing to see these 'couples' on date because most of them are like so shy shy with each other that it was so cute to watch. I spoke to a few of them and mostly they all claimed that they had came with an open heart and to just have some fun at Genting which was very good to hear.

The Patio was so romantically decorated that night with heart shape balloons and all.
Simple yet romantic and classic settings for the table.
A toast to all of you who have read every single word I had typed from the beginning of this post right up to here. :)
Dylan, me, Suresh, Joshua and Tian Chad.
The pictures board - At each checkpoint, the participants had to take a picture of them carrying out their respective task.
The participants of the Single to Mingle having more fun.
The winner of the Amazing Race Genting and the Most Compatible Couple (selected based on some Q and A sessions) walking home with loads of goodies. Nonetheless, every participant does not walk home empty handed. Everyone had a prize of some sort that night. I personally felt everyone of them is a winner for having the couraging and sporting spirit to sign themselves up for the blind date.
All of those are like really expensive wine and whisky kept at the 'Godfather's Lounge'. All like few thousands per bottle one with the uppermost left one costing about RM 60,000. Wines that had been opened are also kept very well to ensure optimum quality. The Tiger Bar has a very cool blue lighting and definitely the place for all sports and Tiger fans. The General Bar is more for people to mingle and enjoy the live band.
Another bloggers pic - Tian Chad, Yi Wern, Dylan, Joshua and Suresh

I was drop dead tired at the end of the day. It had been a long day (and quite a long post..phew) but I really had tons of fun at the peak that day uncovering some of the treasures of the First World Plaza. We shoot, we ate, we got scared, we got amazed and we make our feet happy. Thank you GENTING once again for the invite and awesome day. I'll be back definitely for more of the treasures. :)

PS : Some of the pics are credit of Suresh, Larry, Joshua and Marcus which I took the liberty to edit. Thanks for the pics guys! :)

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It sure is a long post but I read every single word and not just merely glance through the photos (: It's been way too long since my last visit to Genting, shall plan a trip there soon woohoo

OMG...Alli, I don't believe actually went somewhere WITHOUT the human torch? Way to go! :-)

Going to a haunted house with a scared girl is great. Plenty of opportunities for sudden "hugs". :P

You have all the fun....


dats really a fun gathering u had there dearie! :D wohooo!

genting place to dream for when a kid........hahahaha

Hilda : A toast to you my dear for reading every single word. And yes you should plan a trip there soon. Its so near to KL. :)

M : Haha! Yea I will just hug another girl when Im scared. :)

Caroline : Hehe..all thanks to Genting for giving us the opportunity. :)

_ : Haha and a place for adults to go to relive the childhood memories. :p

Very well written post! =D LOL

Why cant go Snow World? Btw I dun really like to go there because very cold LOL

I went b4 for bowling at genting. And not much different from normal shopping center bowling station =P

The Ghost House is in 3D? lol

And I would really like to try PEDAS SPRINGS SPA! Pedas ka?

by Kian Fai

wow wow wow... bloggers day out @ Genting! SPA lagi! Looks way so much FUN! :)

u looked great!

Kian Fai : Thank you Kian Fai. We couldnt go to SnowWorld because we ran out of time.

I haven't try the glow in the dark one so not sure if there's any difference but looks cool. hehe.

Yea they ask us to wear 3D glasses for the ghost house. So scary!

Haha Pedas Springs will make all their customers look hot (pedas) after their pampering. Haha :)

Merryn : Hehehe..thanks to Genting and Pedas Springs. And thanks for the compliment dear :)

u guys so fun! always got invitation to events! =D

Henry : Haha not always also. Don't worry there's plenty of events to attend that are foc one in Kl :)

Dolly : WOW! So nice to see your comment again :)

I can tell from the photos that you had a great day. Everything looks amazing, and so did you “light bulb”. Great post.

Hi Allison, great post! I love how you piece all those pics together in a collage, nice work :) Looks like we missed out on some fun towards the end of the party!

Larry : Thanks.. collaging the pics save bandwidth Hahaha... yup its too bad u all miss out on going to the Godfather's lounge which is really nice.:)

Allison~~!!! I'm here with a confession! Remember the photo of you in the jacuzzi? I acciddentally deleted the whole Genting folder T_T
Im sorry~!!!!!

Nicole : oh no that's sad to hear. Don't worry bout that. Hope you are ok. Let me know if you need pictures :)

Looks like a wonderful holiday!
Would love to come here one day too! :)