Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guangzhou Shopping Steals

Finally it's end of the week. The day I was looking forward to the most the whole week. I woke up every single morning wishing it was Thursday already and finally TGIT! (Thank God it's Thursday) The whole week had felt so long, I figured days felt longer when it's filled with long and seemingly never ending hours of lectures, bed side teachings and assignments. I know 4 more weeks is going to fly by like nobody's business, good and bad in a sense. A huge part of me actually didn't want the 4 weeks to pass so quickly, but another part can't wait for the end of the Paediatric rotation. Oh well, for now I'm just going to enjoy every single second of my weekend and update this little bloggie of mine.

The best part of my entire trip to Guangzhou was being able to spend some quality time with mum. The experience was definitely something that was unmeasurable to any amount of money - all the exploration, the laughter, the rants, the shopping madness, the food venture. The next best thing would of course be the shopping. I was saving for my trip hence restricting myself from shopping for at least 3 months before my trip and it was all worth it!! To be honest, it was really quite a torture having to fight back temptations to shop for 3 whole months especially when I came across anything nice or when my heart screamed retail therapy needed. Thank goodness Guangzhou did not disappoint me as a shopping heaven. I would had been so sad if Guangzhou turns out to be a bad place for shopping after all those months of fighting and resisting temptations. I know most people will only think of Bangkok and Hong Kong as shopping destinations but seriously I think Guangzhou is an excellent place for shopping too. Especially when they have all the latest fashion from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan sold at much lower prices. Dont you just love shopping when everything is cheap? I certainly do!

Unfortunately it was the winter month when I went, so they were mainly selling winter wear. I think I would had bought at least thrice the amount had it been summer or spring. Having said that, however, I still shop till I literally broke even though I honestly didn't bought much stuff. Like seriously I spent every single ren min bi I had in Guangzhou perhaps only bringing home like 1 ren min bi at the end of the 4 days 3 nights. ^.^ Seriously regretted not bringing more money and the kalung-guni bag (so can shop more conveniently hehe). So, other than those Asian Game mascots and bling glasses, here are the rest of my steals. :)

#1- Knitted hat. Perfect for cold weather but too hot for outdoor Malaysia. Only like RM 10 or something.
#2- Skinny belts. RM 12 for both.
#3- Nordic dress. RM 30.
#4- Winter coat with faux fur. RM 80 - RM 100. There's no winter in Malaysia but there's never one too many for future trips to winter places.
#5- Marshmallow winter jacket - RM 50 or RM 60.
#6- Faux fur vest. RM 30
#7- Hand sewn cheongsam. RM 36. Good quality one too.
#8- Another cheongsam. Also RM 36. Wore this for CNY. (click here)
#9 - Turtleneck cardi - RM30.
#10 - Boyfriend shirt. RM 15.
#11 - Jeggings. RM 15 for both.
#12- Head scarf. RM 5 or something.
#13 - Bow hair clips. RM 12 for both. I know one local blogshop that sells this for RM 12-RM 15 each.

#14- Hand sewn shoe. Like how rare isn't that to get hand sewn shoes these days. And I got this pair for only like RM 20.
#15- Another pair of hand sewn shoe. Also RM 20.
#16- Ankle bootie for only RM 60.

#17- Guangzhou local product - Wanglaoji tea which is a kind of herbal tea that tasted really good. I'm not much of a herbal tea fan but this is good. Like the only food product we bought home.

That's about it. See, very little stuff only right? I bought mainly apparels, not much of handbags or accessories because there's not much accessories at where I shopped (mainly Up Down Nine Street). The locals say there's another place to go to look for cheap accessories. And another if you want to look for cheap handbags. And another to look for cheap paintings. And another to look for cheap electronic products. And another to look for local foodstuff. Guangzhou is like so super duper huge they have all the different places that specially sells different stuff. There's still so many more places to shop but we could only cover so many places in that few days. Truthfully,4 days and 3 nights were way too short for shopping. Besides we were rushing for time so I couldn't bought much too.

I'm still thinking of the many boots that I ended up not buying and the ponchos and winter coats. Yes even after so many months. It's a sign that I had really wanted them. But too late now. *sadness* Guangzhou had left me with a pretty good impression. The people there are generally very friendly and we make quite a lot of new friends during our trip there. Language wasnt much of a problem because we can all speak Mandarin instead of Cantonese. It's like we wanted to keep in touch but the sad thing was they got no MSN or facebook and I got no QQ or their fb equivalent. Safety wise, I think Guangzhou security was pretty good. Perhaps its because of the Asian Games, but as I mentioned previously, there's a lot of police and public security officers roaming the street so we felt quite safe walking around. Furthermore, Guangzhou has a ban on motorcycles, so theres no need to worry so much for snatch thieves. And that certainly means less air and noise pollution as well. Besides China's Go Green campaign is definitely something applaudable too.

I'm definitely tempted to go back for another round of shop till I drop and to try out the many more mouth watering delicacies. Ah well, till then, I'm just gonna continue missing and dreaming about shopping in Guangzhou. :)

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eeek...the turtleneck cardi very cheap,regretted din ask u buy one for me..weep:(

Dolly : Dont weep! I dont mind going there again. Lets go! haha :)

Wow, you really take effort to give out every detail on your post. Thanks for sharing! its interesting especially on the prices.

Isaac : Haha my pleasure. So you all will know really cheap anot. :)

wah, i want shoping at guangzhou lah.

Ronald : Hehe.. me too! You can fly there :)

Wow didnt know that Guangzhou is one of the shopping heavens too! Especially those cheongsams, totally worth the purchase. Unlike those sold in Msia, so expensive and they are not even handmade T__T

Hilda : Exactly. Especially when you go during winter and they are clearing all these summer cheongsams, thats when you really get a good steal. :)

I like the furry vest the best. Although, it looks like a somewhat usual shape, so I'm interested in seeing you with it on.

The belts are nice too, but I'm not going to comment on those, since you didn't call them by their politically correct name, "slim belts". :-0

I'm glad that you survived the week. Happy weekend to you!


Why not? Can always plan with angela?

Hiya allison,it must be a nice trip to you to Guangzhou with someone close to you i guessed. Have a happy day=)

Anony : Yeahhhhh. Thanksssss :)

M : Haha ill def be wearing that vest someday. Have a great weekend too :)

Dolly : Haha yeah yeah plan plan :)

Hoppor : Yup it was really good. Have a happy day too :)