Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RM 1000 Diabetic Shoe

I just went to collect our research project final report from the bookshop, nicely binded and all with the hardcover finally. Yes, it's the community medicine research project that we did last year. Even though we were done with the whole research and even the Diabetes Interventional Programme last year before our Professional II exam itself, our final report was only completed recently thanks to alterations and changes that needed to be done. On top of that, as we went through all our other rotations, we were too busy with each of the rotations that the final report just got more and more forgotten. And of course, it doesn't help when the editor is such a procrastinator. haha. Actually I'm done editing the whole report quite a while ago, it's just that somewhere from the printing right up to the binding process, there was some minor hindrance causing the further delay. Well, if not because handing up the final report is part of the pre-requisite for our coming Profesional III exam, I'm pretty sure that final report would had remained sitted in my hard disc for the rest of it's life.

It's almost one year since we did the whole research thingy and I suddenly felt this sense of nostalgia now that our final report is ready to be handed up. We started learning how to do the whole research from scratch, much not to my expectation of what research is like and I can still remember the frustration we felt  searching for houses without addresses to do our survey and learning how to do the SPSS which I'm pretty sure all of us had forgotten at least 80% of it by now. Then there was all those time and energy we sacrificed putting together the Diabetes Interventional Programme to give free health screening and health education to the residents of Kg Tasek in Bukit Payung (the village we were assigned to).

But honestly, I think the most fun time we had during our whole research last year was during the Diabetes Interventional Programme. It was alot of work no doubt, from finding a suitable area to host the event to finding sponsors to distributing flyers to the villagers to cleaning up and setting up the place to food preparation, but it was a very productive day at least and the villagers had fun playing games, participating in the coloring contest and getting free health screening and health education.

Finally done. :)
1 Malaysia, 1 teaspoon. What we are really trying to convey is, reduce your sugar intake!
Food preparation.
The 'hall' we had the talk and opening ceremony.
The exhibition team setting up the exhibits.
Models of diabetic foot. A complication of diabetes.
The diabetic shoe. Guess how much is it?
It's RM 500 per side. Meaning it's RM 1000 for one pair of diabetic shoe!! I cannot believe it too when I was first told but after hearing about how it works, it does seems to help the diabetic foot patient a lot.
The inside of the shoe. It's so special because the 'biji-biji' thing can be removed accordingly to the site of foot ulcer (s) so that there wont be pressure on the site of ulcer (s) thus worsening the condition.
The cheaper one at RM 250 per side.
Other medical brochures and pamplets.
One YB sponsored us these hampers to be given out as lucky draw prizes.
Our associate dean and lecturers taking a sneak peek at the exhibits.

Villagers started coming in at about 9.30am.
The VIPs of the day.
Kumar, our chairman giving his welcome speech.
Opening ceremony.
Souvenir was given to the village headman as a token of appreciation for allowing us to host the campaign in his village.
A reporter from Berita Harian was also there to interviewe Kumar regarding our health campaign. The article actually came out in the newspaper! :)

Health screening counters.
Trying to suck it in. hahaha
Coloring contest.
One of the happy winner of the lucky draw.
Group 2 - the most awesome group that made this posssible.
In the end, there were more than a 100 villagers that turned up that day which exceeded our expectation. Besides, the Berita Harian reporter also came and featured us in an article in the paper. Everyone had worked really hard for the health campaign but I believed all our hard work paid off. We also like to thank all the lecturers that had came to give their support and those that had assisted us in making the event a success. This too, will definitely be part of my memory as a medical student forever. :)

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