Monday, April 04, 2011

MANGO Style Up Yourself Contest

Last Friday, I was invited to Mango (MNG) to check out their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Mango has always been one of my favourite brand, so I was truly enthralled when I got the invite. I totally love their new collection that goes for the modern and clean look, filled with playsuits, pleated skirts, high waisted pants, skinnies and boot cuts with colors from nude hues to bright vivid, contrast stripes and retro to complete the wardrobe for any occasion. I also love their shoes, bags and African theme accessories for this collection that are bold, funky and chic at the same time.

I was given an opportunity to try out the new collection, playing stylist to myself in conjunction with the Mango 'Style Up Yourself' contest that is running from the 5th to 8th April 2011 and from the 12th to 15th April 2011. So, basically all I had to do was to style myself up according to 4 categories; 'Casual', 'Jeans', 'Suits' and 'Evening'.


#7 - Oxford wedges ♥



I definitely had a jolly fun time spending the whole afternoon playing dress up, mix and match and photoshooting. Of course, the whole time wouldn't had been so exciting and fun if not for Human Torch for being my patient photographer, Cherry, the assisstant manager who helped me picked my looks and clothes sizes and all the other friendly staffs at the Mid Val MNG outlet, hence my sincere thanks to all of them who made my day. :)

Of course, if you think you can do better than me at creating your own style and look for the 4 categories, then head down to any of the Mango (MNG) participating outlets during the contest period and have your share of fun styling and playing dress up. After all, it's something we girls love to do, no? There will be one winner per look and each winner will receive RM 2000 worth of Mango shopping vouchers and a magazine shoot. For all you know, you might be one of the winners!

The contest mechanics :

• Visit a participating Mango store during the participation period. NO purchase necessary.
• Participant must choose at least 1 look and up to a maximum of 4 looks between the categories of Casual, Jeans, Suits and Evening.
• A Mango Look Book is available for inspiration.
• Participants must mix and match Mango clothing and accessory pieces and proceed to change into the chosen looks.
• An individually posed photo will be taken of the complete look and uploaded (1 day later) on Mango’s Facebook Style UpYourself photo album.
• Participants must tag themselves in the photo album.
• Participants will be given a Next Step Card upon filling up the application form & submitting their photo/s.
• Next Step Card contains a 5% discount coupon & instructions of what to do next.
• After preliminary judging & shortlisting, wait for the announcement of top selected participants by 18th April 2011.
• If you are selected as the top
a) Ask your friends to be fans of MANGO fan page on Facebook.
b) Go to the Style Up Yourself tab (FB Application) and get them to vote for your look.

The voting period starts 19th to 25th April 2011 and winners will be annouce on the 27th April 2011. For more details and for rules and regulations of the contest, please feel free to check out Mango facebook page. Have fun and all the best fashionistas! :)

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style $& spice up !!!!!!!!!!!!

wow..Allison! You look so gorgeous & awesome!!! =D wonderful pics thr..

Hope to see you soon!

Cute clothes (on a cute girl). :-) So many combinations look so good, I can't even pick a favorite outfit.


Lou : Thanks Lou and see you real soon. haha :)

M : How about picking a fav from each category? :)

Jfook : Hahaha.. me is small fry fashionista only. XD

Okay, my favorite in each the gal IN each outfit. :-)


First thing comes to my mind is that oh my goodness,what a incredible doctor cum model she is!!! You are beautiful ,thats the only word i think i can praise you with that...oh my heart still beating faster than usual....

Literally,lovability and adorableness

AKA kawaisa !! All outfits look good

on you.**********

Nweomma : Thank you. *shy* :)

Hey,i wanna pinch your cheeks la,you look so nice with all the nice nice clothing.

Angela : Hehe thanks but dont pinch my cheeks.. pain pain. :p

NOW ,i can really see that you can be a' kawaii' model. I fall in love with all stuff wore on your body..envy deeply la,missy!

Dolly : can go take part also. Just try out the new collection and take a pic. They have photographer to take pic for you. Who knows, you might win! :)

at which part of facebook to tell people partucipate?

Dolly : I had emailed you. :)

I like how you mix and match the clothes, and I have at least one fave set of you from all the different categories! Thumbs up :D

Hilda : Thanks babe. Do head down to any of the MNG participating stores to try mix and match and have some fun too. :)

you look gorgeous dear! love how you style or mix and match clothes! superb! :)

The beauty addict : Thanks sweetheart :)

nice meeting you at MNG the other day. you tried on so many outfits!!! XD

nice!!! love the way u posing here dearie!! :D:D

Kate : Nice meeting you too.:) They gave me so many outfits to try so since I had a bit of time, I tried. Haha :)

Caroline : Thanks darling :)

wow seems like you had a great time. and you look absolutely great! specially like first outfit and number 8.

Misslikey : Thanks babe. I love those too :)

babe, i can't see your blog la. it says bandwidth exceeded. :(

Ashley : I know. So sorry for the inconvenience :( Photobucket say will resolve the issue by tomorrow. So do check back again k. :)

aiyo ..photobucket sucks la

Wow, byk cantik paten punya lenglui... #justsayin Haha... =D

Kevin : Hahaha #justsaying anot, thank you still :)

Picture No 19 and No 28 not nice.

William : Every one of us do have our very own taste dont we? :)

Sorry,i meant the outfit,not the lenglui;D

Cute look! I do like MNG a lot for their dresses and knits. Love that pastel dress in the last photo and I like their African inspired jewelry!

Haute world : I love them too :)

so cute and pretty =D =D =D

and 1 of the photo attracted me when u blow a kiss XD LOL omg

Kian Fai : Hahahaha thanks thanks. *blush* :)