Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My heart that is. After being in a complete dilemma for the past few days, I finally came up with the 3 choices. Funny but how listing down 3 choices can be so difficult. If not because of the dateline, I dont think I'll ever get my head around to this, hence having a dateline is a very good thing actually. This issue is such a head exploder so much so that it's the last thing on my mind when I went to bed, it's the first thing on my head when I wake up, it interrupts my thoughts when I'm studying, when I'm in the toilet and even when I'm eating. As long as I'm not occupied talking to someone, it is there. Just turning round and round and round and round. I wish all the facts and figures will work that way in my head so that I'll never forget them instead. Anyhoos, after some narrowing down starting from the places that I absolutely do not want to work at to places that I hope to work in, I'm left with these few final choices and after some intense discussion and 'research', at last I had pen down the big 3.

I had spent the whole morning trying to give the reasons for my choices. It's not that I'm planning to write pages of essays to support my choices (although I heard they are really people who do), it's just all my reasons are pretty much the same, so I'm trying to add some variant to each of them to make my first choice reasons more solid than the rest at least. But when I finally am done filling up the whole form, my heart started racing with excitement. I don't know why, but all of a sudden, I felt a surge of nervousness and excitement running through me. It felt so surreal that I'm really going to start working soon. That I'm really gonna be graduating soon. That the 5 years journey is so close to the end. I imagine myself working in Hosp A, B and C and the type of colleagues and seniors I will be working with. I started picturing the hospital itself and what will it be like to work 2 years in that place. And it turns out to be quite fun. I mean in my imagination because all my colleagues are nice people and my bosses are nice too. haha! Anyway it's not like the government will definitely give us our choices, they just wants us to put it there so they can evaluate and consider and who knows at the end of the day, I won't even get any of my 3 choices. *choi, touch wood*

But before any of these becomes reality, I have to pass my exam first. My speed of reading is even slower than the snail. Seriously, why doesnt any scientist comes up with a memory booster or a google search for the brain. So, ciao everyone. Have a good midweek :)

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Suresh : wuahhhhhhhh? hahaha XD de follower...harro!!
wuahh wuahhh so long long you write..nais!

Suresh : Harrroo (must be hello in the hamster language) haha. Tak link me also in your bloggie. This one consider write very short already. You didn't read all the longer ones. :)

Well, well, well.... So you made the decision and you're not going to tell us, hey? :-)

I definitely understand your excitement though....this is going to be a big change in your life, for many reasons -- and the good part'll hopefully have quite a bit of new money to spend -- although, hopefully you'll have a little time to enjoy it, right?


M : Hahaha not for now at least. :p yeah it's another huge chapter of my life so kinda nervous and excited at the same time. :)

whatever decision it is, i noe u made the right one. :) best of lucks in exam yea. ;)