Friday, April 15, 2011

Taiwan Iron Eggs

Known in Mandarin as the 'tie dan' or what some of my friends call the metal eggs. Either way they are all the same thing, a popular local Taiwan snack. They are pretty much called the iron eggs because these eggs are really much harder than any other type of eggs. They can be made from both quail or chicken eggs. These eggs are stew in soy sauce and a whole other spices repeatedly, over and over again until all the flavors from the stew are fully absorbed into the eggs and then air dried.

Hence, the eggs are more flavorful when compared to normal boil or even tea eggs and they have these mixture of salty and sweet in them. Although their color might not be so appetizing, being brownish black but I find them quite delightful. It's like the more you eat them, the more delicious they get. Besides, I like them because they are very chewy so it makes very good snack when I'm itching for something to munch on. However, it can get quite filling eating them, so even though they are small in size (quail eggs), eating about 5-6 is enough to make me full. Not forgetting, eggs being eggs, they are still high in cholesterol so it's better not to eat too much at a time.

It must be a really unique and famous snack of Taiwan because almost all my friends that came back from Taiwan would buy us back these as a souvenir. So all thanks to them, the next time I go to Taiwan, I don't have to buy these back anymore. haha! When my friend came over to Moldyland to visit us last Sunday, he too brought us these iron eggs. I tweeted and Mariuca ask me what was it, so I decided to blog about them.

The iron eggs. After eating them, you'll turn into Ironman! haha.I know lame, pls ignore. Just needed to destress somewhere.
Somehow they remind me of the grape-like structures of hydatiform mole in molar pregnancy. Lol
The larger chicken iron eggs.
Somehow the chicken eggs are even harder than the quail ones. This is the 1st time I tried the chicken eggs and I think I still like the quail ones better. Cause the quail ones are smaller and less saltier.
The iron eggs comes in assorted flavors too. This is garlic flavor quail iron eggs. Honestly, I felt that it tasted better than all it's other flavors (comparatively to black pepper and spicy). The garlic taste not strong at all one, if any it's just a tinge of it.
The black pepper flavor. The black pepper taste also not strong one. It just gives a hint of spiciness on top of the saltiness and sweetness of the iron eggs.
Quail iron eggs. I like.
The difference in size between the iron eggs. Besides, the eggs also underwent poikilocytosis after being repeatedly stewed. The eggs become more squarish instead of being usually round or oval.

On a totally unrelated note, I was playing around with the camera 360 programme on my phone this afternoon and I found this mode I really like. I'm gonna call it the magic mode cuz it makes my face looks extremely smooth and makes all dark circles disappear. It's my favourite mode to camwhore right now. So I ended up camwhoring a little, something which I had not done in a while. So here, just to share some camwhoring pics with you guys. Till then, hope all of you will have a great weekend ahead. :)
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Hilda : Hehe their shapes are kinda distorted from the normal eggs shape. Taste nothing like prune definitely. haha. :)

I dare not to try this u noe! LOL! its like when am tempted to try it n dey will tell me not nice. grr. now i noe i really shud try this! :D

Caroline : Haha some may not be used to the taste initially but I think it gets better the more you eat it. Hehe :)

i love tie dan! wonder whether they're in malaysia or not. and now i'm craving for it :P

anyway hope you're great there allison :D

Rachel : Haha unfortunately I don't think Malaysia has it. Never saw it selling in Malaysia. But if someday I do see it, I'll let you know. Hehe. I'm good. Hope you are doing good too :)