Sunday, May 22, 2011

Battle Ended

It's over for now! Finally over and done with! The Final Battle, our final Profesional III exam had finally came to an end yesterday. The most frustrated part of studying was that when you had read something only to forget it in the next few days or even worse during exam. If only we can plug in external memory cards into our brain. After a week long (which definitely felt like eternity) of battling MEQs, MCQs, OSCE, long and short cases we had all emerged still standing tall. Well, actually I'm still feeling kinda tachycardic because our result will only be announce tomorrow so while taking the exam is scary, awaiting the result is even scarier! Especially those minutes where we will all be seated in the lecture hall waiting for the result to be release. Those minutes are my scariest moment; enough to make me feel as though my heart is about to thump out of it's posititon and turn my palm clammy and cold.

After weeks of reading and reading and reading, attempting to cramp every single details into our limited brain space and on the verge of going berserk, I suddenly felt kinda lost now that exam is over. Call it the post-exam syndrome because although sure, I'm relieved now that I can go to bed without having to limit myself to just 6 hours of sleep a day and I dont have to be facing my books almost every single minute of my waking time, but it's crazy that at the same time I felt like I'm missing something. Not that I'm complaining that I dont have to be studying but the circadian rhythm and all the other rhythm had been altered and now needs to be realtered.

Both our medical and surgical based MEQs were generally okay. Some questions were quite tough, some were okay, some were just unexpected. Most of the time, I realized it's not that we do not know how to answer, it's just that at times our brain got fried under pressure and time constraint so disc error occurred and we couldnt retrieved the datas that we had been trying so hard uploading into it. Our medical based questions were adult epilepsy, chronic renal disease, AEBA, dengue shock syndrome, disaster management while the surgical based had chronic limb ischemia, obstructed hernia, GDM, Ca cervix and acute OM. (I'm just listing it all down for keepsake). As usual all the MCQs questions never failed to bamboozle me with questions such as carcinoma penis, carcinoma vulva and carcinoma gallbaldder among the many insanely unexpected questions. Even if you do know the questions, the answers were extremely tricky.

However, thankfully our OSCE was relatively much easier as compared to the previous years. As usual, I was having palpitation the whole night before my clinical long case that it was so difficult to sleep. Although every component of the exam is important, but the most important one is the clinical part because if we don't pass out clinical part, we will still not pass no matter what and the long case had the largest percentage in the clinical part, hence the extreme stress knowing that whatever we had been working hard for was all boiled down to this particular last 2 days. And of all cases, my long case was on bladder carcinoma. I mean, seriously, I never thought bladder carcinoma will ever be ask so I did not pay much attention to this topic. I remember just barely glancing through it and discussing about it from bed side teachings. Nonetheless, God has been really good to me. Despite the fact that this was not a topic that I well grasped, I got two good examiner who hopefully did not 'killed' me. As for the short cases, I'm really glad that my examiners were all quite good instead of those strict ones and they were all cases that I'm familiar with (mitral regurg, thalassaemia and uterine fibroid) instead of some orthopaedic case that I was praying hard not to get.

As for now, I'm just crossing all my fingers and toes and praying for the best that everyone, all 41 of us in my batch will pass. My heart is definitely still thumping hard and not until the result is release, I don't think I can put my mind at complete ease knowing that anything can happen. But well, we had all done our best so till that scary moment, I'm just not gonna think about it as much as possible and enjoy the freedom of after exam. :)

Really glad that the EXAM is finally over.:)

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Aiyooo...dont put much into it,just relax and have a good REST from now on.At the same time,may god always bless you ever.

You still look good from the picture,not too tired.Thumbs up=)

Congrats that you've finally done with the battle! Agree with the feeling of awaiting result, that's what happened to me as well. Hope you'll get good result (: I know you will!

Dolly : :)

Angela : Haha thanks :)

Hilda : Thanks for the faith :)

Good job, al the best, and you can do it! =)

Congratulations! Hope you can pass with flying colours :) You took MBBS in private or local uni?

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctor Yeoh:)

I am so proud of you=)

Hi..congrats to your success:)

Congratulations and wishing for the next jouney and thanks to feel me proud that I m ur friend. Really feeling very delighted to hear about ur grand success.

Angela, Nweomma and Dolly : Thank you thank you. :)