Monday, May 23, 2011

A Doctor Finally

Despite the fact that I'm already quite sleepy right now, I have a good news to share first. So good that it puts me in seventh heaven and I am more than willing to grant you anything you wish for right now because that's just how happy I am. Our result was released today and I had PASSED the final exam. Super happy max. And not only that, all 41 of us in my batch had emerged victorious so a huge huge congratulations to all my awesome fellow doctors. It felt almost like I'm still in a dream that we were all medical students yesterday and now doctors. Earning this Dr. title in medical school is just our first baby step in the medical field. 5 years of medical school had certainly been nothing short of stress, sweat, tears (and laughter) but all those hard work trying to chomp down medical books as thick as the encyclopedia had certainly paid off. I felt that I had not only gained knowledge from the medical field from this 5 years, but I had definitely grown and mature as a person as a whole. I think I had grew from who I used to be to be who I am now which is good because I'm a more secure, confident and understanding person among many other things now. Besides, I had also gained many new experiences that truly colors my varsity life and the many good friends that I'm gonna miss soon. I'm definitely proud of everyone and is also thankful to all my lecturers for their enduring effort, my parents for their never ending encouragement, HT, my houssies, all my dearest friends and of course you readers and twitterers who never fail to support and encourage me whenever I feel stress or in doubt of my own abilities.

Aside from the good result, a lot of things had been happening since exam ended which had kept me rather happy and entertained. For one, our Graduation dinner will be tomorrow night, so I had been doing all the girly stuff with the girls getting ourselves ready for the dinner. We have only so little time since after exam to our dinner so it was like we had to rush to look for our shoes, get our hair done, nails done etc hence the lack of time to be actually sitting in front of the laptop.

Well, say hello to red head now. I had sat 4 hours straight at the saloon the day after my short cases ended getting my hair chopped off some 4 inches and getting it colored some misty red. Then, I had also watched Fast 5 which was like infreakingsanely awesome and Pirates of the Carribeans 4 which was not quite to my expectation. I have always been a fan of the Pirates but I think I like it more when Orlando Bloom was still in the movie. Today I went to did my nails, both the toe and finger nails painted for only RM 23. I also went for a swim after like so long which felt really really good. Nothing gets the mind going like a good swim.

The red hair doctor. haha! (this picture don't do justice to the real thing)

Tomorrow is gonna be a full day as well because I have to go look for the tailor for some minor amendment tomorrow morning, then rush for last minute rehersal for the sketch I'll be playing a minor role in during dinner which I haven't practice a single thing, get my hair done and at last the Graduation dinner at night. I am sure excited and looking forward to it very much. I can't wait to see the parades of dresses of all the girls in my class. :)

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Congratsssss! and you sure look good in the red hair :D Now I can call you Dr. Allison! Hehe

Hilda : Thanks girl. hehe :)

congratulation again dr yeoh! post sth abt your graduation night asap. cant wait to see all the pretty and handsome drs! :)

Congratulations Dr. Yeoh! I am very happy too. Because now I can say that I know a Doctor really well....hehe.

Have a wonderful graduation day and enjoy your moment. You should be very proud of yourself, and I am certainly proud of you. :-)


Rainnie : Thanks again darling. Will post soon. :)

Caroline : Thanks dear :)

M : Thank you. :)