Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Final Battle

STRESSED!!!!!!! OMG I'm so so so stressed up right now I can eat a cow. Or rather maybe not. I dont think I have much appetite for food right now. The bed seems more tempting than anything else. Every morning, I just cant pull myself out of bed no matter how much I had instilled the thought into my head the night before to wake up earlier. Argh, discipline discipline! It's exactly 2 more weeks to my final exam, the Final Battle. I don't even want to count how many days is it. I can feel my own heart thumping hard against my precordium, tachycardic and I'm sure if you palpate my apex beat now, it's heaving in nature. I can even hear a grade 6 murmur. Maybe I'm suffering from stress induced cardiomyopathy.

It seems like not too long ago that we just had our last Paeds lecture followed by the 2 weeks of houseman shadowing which is really quite redundant. And now, 1 week of study break had passed and it's already May the 1st! Gasp! I still have plenty to study, why in the world is there so much things to put into our head? It's not like medical students have photographic memory and can remember every single thing that we read. So many diseases, so many presentations, so many drugs, so many doses - my brain is about to explode soon. I only have 2 more weeks to finish all other 4 major posting and wait, there's still community medicine and and oh no.*hyperventilates*

But it's all my own fault really. I think I just procrastinated too much previously and now I'm facing the consequences of my very own procrastination. I don't know why but it just that everything else seems much more interesting than having to sit in front of the books all day, trying to cramp so many little little facts into my already overloaded head. And to think I actually caved in and made up some of the 2 billion viewers tuning in live worldwide watching the Royal Wedding last Friday. I never planned to really watch it at first because I thought the whole thing was kinda overhyped like yeah, Prince William is getting married, so yada-yada. None the less, I was just really interested about Kate Middleton's wedding dress, after all it's such a well kept secret and I just wanted to see how beautiful it is so I sat and watched anyway. It's interesting too to check out what the other guest of honors and celebrities were wearing especially the hats. Well, the funniest of all must be Princess Beatrice's antelope hat. I just cant stop myself from laughing when I saw the hat. Goodness.

Anyhoos, I guessed I just got swept away by the wedding dress the minute I saw it because I immediately fell in love with it. The first thing that came to my mind was 'WOW'. It's something very simple but yet so elegant and timeless. Although it's a bit too safe, but the tasteful amount of skin it showed with the deep V line was good enough. My eyes simply got glued to the dress after that, I just cant get enough of it, so I spent the rest of the time watching the whole wedding. I ddin't regret watching it though because it was one of the most beautiful wedding that I had ever watched and it was really sweet watching the small whispers and smiles exchange between Prince William and Kate Middleton throughout the wedding. Besides, I really love how everything was so British to the core.

I can't help noticing though that the Duke of Cambridge is already balding, centre alopecia to be exact. And at only 28?I never thought it can be quite stressful being a prince too. When I was 10, Prince William was like my ideal dream partner. I thought he was extremely good looking at that time. *blush* haha! Alright, let's move on to look at some of my favourite moments from the #royalwedding. :)

The younger Prince William (and Prince Harry behind). Super lengzhai at that time.
Her wedding dress! Love it max. Love her veil too.
Pippa Middleton's maid of honour dress was really pretty too. Very simple and classy as well. Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen is really talented.
I think this must be the moment when he whispered 'You're Beautiful' to her. In front of like 2000 guests and 2 billion live viewers. So super sweet.
The carriage. So fairytale like.
The Aston Martin DB6 the Duke took his Duchess for a spin in. If you dont already know, the back plate of the car was spelt JU5T WED. Absolute love as well.
This is like my favourite picture though. I mean the kissing couple is sweet but the little bridesmaid unhappy face there certainly is the winner of the picture. :)

The new royal couple seems really happy together and I hope they will have a blissful marriage life ahead. Well, for all the other girls who are still dreaming of becoming a princess, there's still Prince Harry! haha. Kidding. Before I forget, a reader asked me recently if it is possible to fall in love with someone you never met before. Well to that, I said, 'Why not?'. I believe that it is possible and there are certainly living proof to that so I hope I answered the question.

Till my exam is over, I just want to say good luck to all my fellow friends who will be taking this Profesional 3 exam as well and continue fighting aka working hard. Meanwhile, I'm gonna have to face this extreme stress for another two weeks. The only way I can get pass these 2 weeks to finish up the important stuff is by Faith. I hope everything will turn out well. And a pre Happy Mothers Day to all mummies in the world especially my beloved mumsy. Wish me luck *fingers crossed*. :)

Ps : All pictures are credit of various sites from Google.

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good luck and all the best

Hey, just maybe there will be an extra credit question on your exam about the royal wedding?

Ahhh....okay.....maybe not. But at least it looks like the wedding "inspired" you and took you mind off of your books for a while. That certainly can't hurt.

Huh, I guess now I will need to find someone that's I've never met, to start to love now....I wonder who I could pick?

Okay....enough of your distractions -- STUDY now! :-)


M : Haha.. yeah sure. Study now :)'re right. I should have known better. You're too smart for the direct order of, "Study now!". That never worked for me either.

I should have used reverse psychology...and told you to go outside, get some fresh air, let your hair blow in the wind a while....and forget about studying....and just use the osmosis studying technique that I used to use. (Hope that the knowledge just permeates your brain through osmosis)... Come to think of it, that technique never really worked too it's a good thing that I didn't propose that one after all...haha.


Best of Lucks to u darling!

but hey!! i also love the wedding dress! doesnt matter when people said its nothing if compare to late Princess Dinana's one, it still very elegant n classy to me. ;) and i enjoyed watching the entire Royal Wedding tooo!!! :D Auwwww....

Caroline : Thanks darling. I think Princess Diana's one was more suited to her era. This is more suited to our era hehe :)

Good luck and all the best Alli! :)