Monday, June 06, 2011

My First Experience with Air Asia Courier Service

And it was not a very pleasant one. The booking and dropping off process was pretty pleasant until the collecting part today which kinda really ruin the whole pleasant experience.

When I first heard of the RM 1 per kg Air Asia airport to airport courier service, I was really really interested as I was moving permanently from Moldyland and the cheap courier service was good news. Besides, since I was flying back to home sweet home this time round, it was not a problem for me to pick up my parcel at the airport when it arrived. I got my parcel sent about a week ago from Kuala Terengganu airport and I was really impressed actually that my parcel arrived at Johor Bahru airport the next day itself. That was really efficient if you ask me. I received a call from the airport telling me that my parcel was ready for collection but as I was still in Moldyland, she (the person who called me is a she) nicely told me that I could keep my parcel there until I got back today. By right, I should be very happy with Air Asia courier right since they were so efficient and even allowed me to pick up my parcel a week later? (which in their website was stated like 3 days only) I was really impressed and happy no doubt until what happen this afternoon.

Fast forward to today. After arriving at the airport, I headed on to the Air Asia sales ticketing counter on the first floor of Senai airport to pick up my parcel because that's where we are suppose to pick up our parcel (s) at the airport here. I even printed out all the documents (with the air waybill number etc) and showed it to the staff. However, after looking through my documents, she (the staff) looked at me puzzled and said that they (the Air Asia ticketing counter in Senai) did NOT received any of such parcel at all last week or anytime recently! Imagined my horror when she said that. How can it be because I had received a call one week ago informing me that my parcel was ready for collection and now she claimed that there was no such parcel! Many thoughts raced through my mind immediately but my biggest worry and fear was that my parcel along with its content had gone missing.

Well, unless my soft toys came alive at night like Toy Story and ran away, they couldn't had gone missing just like that. So she told me to wait while she went on to make some phone calls and entertained other customers. After half an hour of waiting, I got quite annoyed because I was rushing for time and I felt it was really irresponsible to delay an issue and let customers wait in vain without seeing much effort done to at least locate my missing parcel. Finally, I approached her again this time telling her that I want my issue settled immediately and I don't want to wait anymore. She went on to made a few phone calls to KL and KT and by the looked on her face I knew they couldn't find my parcel at all and even if she made 100 more calls to KL/KT it will be just like a meaningless merry-go-round with more of my time wasted. Exasperated, I asked her if she would like to call back the number that had called me a week ago informing me that my parcel was ready for collection and check with them. She instantaneouly agreed and at last I found out that my parcel was in the CARGO terminal instead and now I had to go to the cargo terminal to collect it MYSELF despite the fact that Air Asia had stated and promoted widely that it was an AIRPORT TO AIRPORT courier service.

Up to this point, I was still like ok since the cargo terminal is just a 5 minutes drive from the airport and seriously, all I wanted was just to collect my parcel and leave. To be honest, I had never been to the cargo terminal before and I didn't know it can be such a hassle to bring things out from the cargo terminal. There were a few procedures that I had to go through before I could finally rescue my parcel and it includes a confused and annoyed me trying to explain that I had booked this Air Asia courier service and I don't know why or how it ended up in the cargo terminal instead to all the equally confused custom officers who wonders what business do I have in the cargo terminal. Then the cargo terminal people actually wanted to charge me RM 15 (based on the weight of my parcel) in order for me to be able to rescue my parcel. At this point, I find it really ridiculous already not because of the amount of money but because :

1) I NEVER ask nor wish for my parcel to be ended up in the cargo terminal.
2) Why do I have to pay an extra RM 15 when it was obviously not my fault that my parcel had somehow ended up at the cargo terminal? (to double check this fact, I double confirmed with the terminal people and they said I had the right documents and they too agreed that this is not my fault)
3) Why isn't Air Asia the one rescuing my parcel from the cargo terminal instead since I had booked and paid for an AIRPORT to AIRPORT courier service and not an AIRPORT to CARGO TERMINAL courier service?
4) Why am I the one going through all these hassle, wasting so much time just to collect a simple parcel when I was supposed to collect my parcel swiftly from the airport?

Luckily the guy in charge of the cargo terminal was an understanding person and he waived off my payment. Not only that the best part was, he was the one who apoloized to me not once but thrice in the end for all these inconvenience that I had to go through and immediately released my parcel.

Something must had gone wrong somewhere in the process of sending my parcel to Senai airport but whatever the error is, I think it's honestly Air Asia responsibility to live it up to their claims. If it's an airport to airport courier service, then by hook or by crook, they should make sure that the only thing customers need to do are to drop off their parcel (s) at the airport and then collect their parcel (s) at the destination airport and not some cargo terminal where they had to go through the hassle of procedures and the potential of paying extra. If by any means such an error occured again in future, I think Air Asia should be the one rescuing the parcel (s) from the cargo terminal and not ask their customers to do it themselves because it will surely leaves a very distasteful impression on Air Asia.

My priceless babies that I successfully rescued from the cargo terminal. :)

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You know....when reading this post I really started to feel your frustration.....and then I realized two things.

1) You only paid 1RM for this service....and you know what they say...."if it's too good to be true, it probably is"....and, "you get what you pay for". But you are correct with everything that you said, they messed up.

2) When I saw the picture of your "soft toys"....and thinking how mad you would have been had they gone missing really made me smile. I'm not sure why... What are you going to do with those toys?

That is all. :-)


Wow. What kind of scary service is that?? Luckily you managed to trace it back to the cargo terminal. Or else, it'd be "lost" forever.. and no one at JB/KL/KT airports can help you.

M : Well, even if it's cheap, that doesn't mean their service has to be lousy. The soft toys are going to stay with me that's for sure. Hehe :)

Joyce : Yea..was so scary when I thought they were indeed 'lost' for good. Thank God found it in the end. :)

i dare not to try this service for sure. :/ luckily u got back ur parcel dearie. :)

Caroline : Yeah so lucky. Maybe I'm one of the unfortunate ones. My friends in Peanng had no problems picking up their parcels though.

Wow...But though such things do happen but the Rm1 for 1 kg each is it true? And airport to airport? My mum was in total disbelief and continue to think I am lying about this service from Airasia. So is the above statement true? Cause I really want her to try and send and see for herself. Ha

Tiffany : Haha its true they do charge rm 1 per kg but you have to buy a minimum of 10kg. Then there's other terms and conditions such as they can charge also based on the dimension of your box, whichever is higher. You can check the website. My friends in Penang managed to collect theirs from the Penang airport smoothly so I guess maybe I'm an unfortunate case whose parcel for sent to the cargo terminal.:(

thanks for sharing your Experience with Air Asia Courier Service....
International courier services

I cant find it the AA courier service still running?i would like to try it

@muse muller : The last I checked, this service is no longer available.