Monday, June 13, 2011

Ouch Ouch!

Shoot shoot! Run run! Bam bam bam bam bam!

That was how I filled my whole morning today; running, hiding and getting down and dirty shooting down 'enemies' in a game of paintball in a converted open area in Bukit Jalil.

This was my first paintball experience and seriously after lots of 'scary' stories I hear from friends who had experienced paintball, I had prepared myself to be pretty bruised all over at the end of the day but I guessed I had worried a little too much because fortunately, I had managed to escape quite unscathed with only a tiny induration at my elbow.

Nonetheless, getting hit was still painful! Even with the small pellets. They might as well just call the game painball too. I can just imagine getting hit by those huge pellets which can surely cause more severe damage and perhaps then I will end up looking more like an over tan dalmation. But overall it was good experience and definitely good fun especially when playing it with a bunch of friends who are also very sporting. I actually enjoy the kick of firing from a paintball gun especially when it hit targets. haha! And especially when the gun is not as heavy as the real ones or those in the shooting range. I think paintball is the only game that I'm willing to pay for pain. Makes me sounds much like a sadist now although I'm obviously not one but paintball is really a game of 'no pain no gain no fun'. :)

The guns.
The pellets. Looks really like Nips now don't they?
The gamers ready for action.
Okay, my bed is calling out to me already. It's been a pretty long day and tomorrow I have to go back to my uni again to settle some graduation and convocation stuff. So till then, good night everyone and have a good week ahead. :)

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My friends keep asking me to give paintball a try but I don't think I'll ever do it, I'm scared of getting hit LOL

Hilda : Haha you should try just once! I was scared too but once you start playing, you totally forget the fear haha. Try the small pellets cuz it hurts less :)

haha i didnt know near my house got such thing :P

Ee Yin : Haha yea near the hockey stadium there.:)

Phew, finally I have the time to blog-walk for a while!^^

So sorry for neglecting your blog, Ally....I was very busy with work, etc. :)

Wow, a paint ball match! Though it's fun, it's pretty painful, aye? But what's a little pain compared to a little thrill, right? Hehe!! I'm glad you had fun, darling. ;)

And, happy graduating gorgeously pretty Dr. Allison Yeoh!^^ *Hugs*

Erika : Haha yea no pain no gain. Thanks pretty cikgu! :)