Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me in Newspapaer; The Star Metro to be Exact!

Guess who was in the paper last Thursday, 7th of July? Yes, it's me in The Star Metro last Thursday! I did an interview with The Star paper the previous Friday and didn't even realized the article was already out until Yi Hui and Dolly told me about it last night.

Want to know what it's all about? Or why am I interviewed by The Star paper? Like really why me right to be featured in a column in our country's leading English newspaper? Read my interview below to find out why.

Thanks Andrew for the scan copy of the article. :)

Or you can read the online version of the article here.

Honestly I was pretty surprised myself when H emailed me some weeks ago and asked if I was interested in doing an interview with The Star to be featured in the Urban Chic section. I was still in Thailand at that time so the email really caught me unexpectedly. But well, life is full of surprises and I had to say this is one fine surprise. Of course, I like to thank too for giving me this opportunity. :)

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Omg, very nice!! :) to be featured is one thing, but to win the Miss Malaysia World 2009 Miss most Flirtatious Award? That's awesome wei!!

_ : Yay thanks :)

Isaac : Haha winning that was thanks to the votes given by all my supporters :)

wow congrats again :P hehe so pretty in da news media XD

so it is last Thursday! dam I miss the paper then :P

Kian Fai : Thanks. Hehe. No worries you can read the article here too now :)

Dolly : Thanks for sending me the link :)

Jfook : Hahaha.. I'm not famous :)

Proud of you!
I've always thought of you as rare talent!! in 2009 somebody was nanging all my innit post and 2 years later only i meet her..n now she's a celeb..Gifted!!

in 2009 somebody was busy nanging my innit postings and i never knew who she 2010 i meet the famous popstar! in 2011 she continues to make wave..and today she's a young doctor that has done it all..The Complete Package!

Suresh : Haha life is unpredictable isn't it? How things can turn out :)