Friday, October 07, 2011

MNG - The Missing Bag Contest

My bag!! Oh noooo! My bag has gone missing!

Alert fashionistas!

How does a *FREE trip to Spain + the ability to indulge in the pure joy of shopping in MNG (Mango) at its the birth place sounds to you? It has always been one of my dream to shop for one of my fav brand of all time, MNG at it's birth place, surrounded by the beautiful air of Spain and enjoying the sexy Spanish accent. The good news is, MNG is now giving all of us fashionistas an opportunity to step closer to that dream!

Yes, I'm not kidding. Our fav brand, Mango (MNG) will be sending two lucky fans to Barcelona, Spain and all you have to do is to take part in their 'THE MISSING BAG CONTEST'. You know what they say about finders' keepers? I'm definitely joining the 'search' force for this glorious missing bag and if you think you can outbeat me in the search for the missing bag, then you might want to hurry over to their facebook page and join the contest now.

#1 - Log on now to their facebook fan page (click here) and click 'LIKE' if you haven't

#2 - In the missing bag are some polaroid photos and of course, your ticket for two to Spain. Now, the key to winning this contest is to suggest aka share those polaroid photos with as many people as you know.

#3- The contest mechanics. Of course, to be part of the 'search' force for the missing bag, you will first need to sign up.
#4 - Easy registration steps.
#5 - Ha, now I'm officially part of the search force! All participants will receive 10 points upon successful registration.
#6 - Next, you'll see a series of polaroid pictures like this and all you have to do is suggest these polaroid pictures to as many of your friends as possible. Well, the more you share, the higher your chances to win those amazing tickets to Spain!

#7 - Participants will receive 5 points for every polaroid picture that is agreed by a friend. Of course, you'll need to constantly check back their fb page as new polaroid pictures will be uploaded weekly. For every polaroid photo suggestion that participants agreed to, you will also receive 2 points and if you share that suggested photo on your wall, you will receive an additional 2 points. How awesome is that. 

It's honestly that simple. Now I'm just waiting for all of my friends to agree on the polaroid pictures I suggested and start earning points. Remember, the more you share, the higher your chances to win! What are you still waiting for? Head on to their facebook page here now!

#8 - Staring dreamily at the first prize ^_^. The second and third prize is just as delicious.
Oh, Spain, cómo me gustaría visitarte! :)

*terms and conditions applied

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