Thursday, December 01, 2011

I Flyyyyyyyyy

Even if it's only for a mere 2 minutes.

Sorry guys for the long hiatus from blogging. It wasn't intentional but after coming back from Bali, I was too busy working and all my off days are used for more holidays. ^_^. 4 months had definitely went by super fast. It felt just like yesterday, there I was a greenhorn in the hospital. And now I had ended one rotation and will be starting a new one in another department tomorrow. It's amazing how a short 4 months can made so much differences. I must say, I find working pretty enjoyable and although I do love off days and holidays, but I don't dread waking up in the morning going to work (aside from the fact that I secretly wish I could sleep more). Maybe it's just me being a workaholic or maybe it's because I have very nice bosses, MOs and colleagues. Whatever it is, I know I'm going to miss the Orthopaedic department pretty much.

So, before I start my next rotation I took 3 days off and drove up to Genting with my family one of the days. And still having the Holiday card from the previous Bloggers Day Out in Genting, me and B decided to go try being Superman (or Superwoman in my case! haha) at the Genting Sky Venture. I had always wanted to have a taste of how it felt like to be off gravity, to be flying so this is the closest I could get to being a Superwoman in Malaysia.

It was a long wait, not because there were too many people but because the Genting Sky Venture is dependable on the weather. Although it's an indoor thingy, but being a wind tunnel simulator, the air that they suck is directly from the outdoor so in case of rain or thick fog, the Sky Venture will have to be close for safety reasons. And being the monsoon season now in Malaysia, it was raining alot and we had to wait till the rain stop before we were finally allowed our turn.

Nonetheless, it was pretty much worth the wait as flying was absolutely awesome. As first timers, we were briefed on flying first by our instructor and after suiting up, we were ready to go against gravity.

Before we fly
After we fly! Can you see our hair sticking out from our helmets? Our hair was literally standing after we fly. That's what anti gravity do to your hair. haha!
The 2 awesome instructors
Honestly, flying looks really simple right, but the challenge really is the need to find the right balance once you are up up in the air. And of course, being an extreme sports, flying surely requires strong muscles especially the latissimus, rotator cuffs and quadriceps. You need these muscles to support and hold your position in mid air. We had a lot of fun being in mid air and honestly, you don't have to worry about falling because even if you do fall, the instructor will be there to catch you and give you the lift you need to fly.

I had a video of me and B flying, or well at least attempting to (haha) so enjoy! Skydiving next perhaps, anyone? :)

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I never tried that before. Looks awesome. =D

wow!! nice one!! will definitely try this one day! :)

aww how i'd wish to experience the genting sky venture! but unfortunately im underweight


Jun Fook : Hehe.. it is! Im sure you'll like it. :)

Xue Ren : You should the next time you go Genting. :)

Fish : Serious? You should eat more then. haha! :)

wahhh..your brother are very much taller than you hahaha.

Merry Christmas Allison! I hope that Santa gave you everything that you've ever wanted.