Monday, January 23, 2012

Kampachi at JPO

My love for Japanese food has always send me on a lookout for any new and good Japanese restaurant around. There's plenty of Japanese restaurants in Johor Bahru, but not many are exactly good. The few Japanese restaurants that I really like are like Ninja Jones and Sushi Zanmai but unfortunately they are not available to us Johor Bahru folks.

The latest to add to the list of mushrooming Japanese restaurants around town is none other than Kampachi at the Johor Premium Outlets (JPO). Food there are kinda pricey but pretty much worth it. I wouldn't say it's the best Japanese restaurant around but the standard of quality is definitely there.  The salmons and unagi are fresh and juicy and I really like their macha ice cream a lot. Not forgetting, the staff there are all very friendly and helpful. I had been there twice and both left me with a pleasant dining experience. So, go to Kampachi if you feel like pampering yourselves a little with good Japanese food. :)

Kampachi Maki - tuna, avocado and crabstick topped with grilled eel
Shake Aburi Maki - seared salmon roll topped with grilled eel
Satsuma Age Homemade - deep fried home made fish cake
Seafood teppanyaki set that also comes with rice, salad and soup
Sliced duck miso ramen
Saba Teriyaki set - grilled mackerel with teriyaki sauce. You can choose between the mackerel, pike, salmon or cod and if you prefer salty, you can always opt for salt over teriyaki sauce
Macha ice cream with red bean, my favourite desert of all time. This is like really good. Although still can't beat the one I had in Japan, but close enough. Feed me this and I'll be happy :)

Ok now that you have gotten hungry from staring all those food pics, go feed yourself. I know I'm gonna cont feeding myself with all those awesome CNY cookies. Till then, toodles! :)

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The seafood teppanyaki looks nice xD

houhousek : Yeah it's good but portion not very huge hehe :)

The sushis, the Macha icecream..
Yummy !! =)

Hong Wei : Indeed! haha *drools* :)