Monday, February 20, 2012

CHEAPEST ever Hair Dye, Manicure and Pedicure Altogether!

 Seriously the CHEAPEST ever! It's so cheap it's almost unbelievable. Believe it anot, I spent less than RM 20 to get my hair dyed, washed, trimmed, my finger nails manicured and painted with nails arts and all of my ten toe nails pedicured. On top of that, they gave me really good first class treatment; they pampered me so well I felt like a queen in the saloon. And all of these for only USD 6 (which is only about RM 19.20!!) :)

Unfortunately, the place that offers such drooling mad awesome deal is nowhere in Malaysia but instead in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. During my visit to PSE (click to read and refresh) on my 2nd day in Phnom Penh, I was told that among the many schools they have, one of them is the School of Beauty and Hairdressing. And like how the rest of their students put everything they learn into actual practice, the students from the School of Beauty and Hairdressing too have to put what they have learn into practice. Hence, the PSE Beauty Saloon and Spa is open to the public every Friday and Saturday mornings and on my last day in Phnom Penh (which happens to be a Saturday), I decided to head back to PSE and be one of their 'practice' model.

My hair before, in it's natural brownish-black colour

Upon arrival at the saloon, all of them greeted me with a wide big smile and quickly usehed me to one of their chairs where I sat comfortably. They then brought me a cup of warm tea (and for HT too) and a huge stacks of magazines which were all in Khmer.
The lady in red is their hair dressing shifu, so the first thing she did was to come assess my hair length and texture while one of the student showed me the hair color palette.
Me making my choice. They kept telling me to get brown which was very typical of most of the saloons in Asia, they always say we Asians should stick to hues of brown for our hair but I'm kinda a little more adventurous than that, so I stuck to have my hair dyed purple despite their advice that purple will not be so apparent in Asians bla bla bla.
I had 4 students dying my hair at one time!
It's time to wrap the hair and wait for the dye to set. In most saloon here, they usually have this warmer thingy above your head which will hasten the process of the dye setting into the hair, but over there, they just wrapped my hair in showercap and waited au naturel for like 30 minutes.
The hair dye that they used on me. Siglo? Hmmm.
Now while waiting for the dye to set, I was fascinated by the lady next to me doing her manicure so I decided to pamper my fingernails and toenails with some manicure and pedicure too.
Then while 2-3 students were attending to my hair, more students came and attend to my fingers and toes all concurrently.
The shifu herself painted the nail art for me.
Leng mou? hehe.
After I'm done with my nails, it's time for hair washing. I really enjoyed the hair wash as they threw in scalp and shoulder massage while washing my hair. It's like in between each cycle of hair washing and shampooing, they gave me a few minutes of scalp and shoulder massage so much so I was reluctant to get up when they finally told me they had completed the hair wash.
Blowing the hair dry while straightening it even more.
The finale was having my hair and fringe trimmed.
The beauty saloon.
My skillful student hairdressers that gave me my new look. They were always like so many of them attending to me all at the same time it needed some get used to. I would say a pretty good job, no? I know the purple is not apparent here, but it showed under the sunlight. Honestly, most of the students there are all about my age and they were all very fascinated to learn that I come from Malaysia because they all thought I'm from South Korea! Seriously, alot of people in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos thinks that I'm from South Korea so much so that they do speak South Korean to me.
They also do make up, spa and massages all at super cheap prices.
This is an aspiring tour guide, one of PSE graduates who took us around PSE and for lunch while we waited for our tuk tuk driver to return.

Some people might not like the idea of being customers to students and only believe in profesionals but for me, I had had my hair cut, wash, dye etc by both profesionals and students and if you ask me, the difference only being the time spent. It's like what the profesionals can achieve in 30 minutes will take the students 2-3 hours but aside from that, it's almost the same in term of the outcome. Yeah, the profesionals can offer more advices etc on like the kind of hairstyles, haircolors etc that suit you better, give you more profesional care and service and I admit it's different when it comes to the students but nonetheless, these students have their teachers and shifu guiding them throughout and at challenging junctures, their teachers and shifus would be the ones doing it for you, so there's no worries at all. Besides, I always have faith in the students and believe they all should be given opportunity because they too must have real customers to have hands on with right, else how are they ever gonna learn and improve?

And we not only provide them an opportunity to practice hands on, but the profit from their beauty saloon and spa goes back to the funding of PSE - in buying more food supplies, clothes, books, bicycles etc for the rest of the PSE students. So, do go over to not only lend them your support but also to pamper yourself with a new hairdo, nails or massages at such a bargain you will never be able to find at anywhere else in this world. :)

PS : In case you are wondering of the outcome, the purple dye stuck on for at least 3 months and when they finally came off, it didn't came off as in those light hues of brown most hair dyes colors turn to when they were washed out. :)

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Sure looks like a royal pampering session with so many students attending you at once! :D For the manicure/pedicure, are their utensils properly sanitized and all? :/

Hilda : Haha it could turn intimidating too! They claimed they do, so we just have to have faith that they really do yeah? hehe :)

Wow, sounds like it was a great experience! No way in Malaysia you can get that kind of service and price, haha!

Laura : Haha definitely! :)

Wow!!Serious?? RM20 for all?? OMG, makes me feels like visiting there again. Cool.. which saloon is that??

Bendan : Yeap, serious. You can find their location address as below -: