Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bayon Temple

Cambodia post!

Our fourth major temple at the Angkor Archaeological Park was the Bayon Temple where people get so stone just looking at stone faces. *lame* Anyways, located right in the center of Angkor Thom (which is still part of the Angkor Archaeological Park), it was already past midday and the sun was climbing high by the time we arrived at this interesting temple. The most striking feature of the Bayon Temple is definitely the plentiful protruding huge stone faces found on most of it's upper terrace and central towers.

#1- There's like a thousand and one smiling stone faces (90% of it anyway) greeting us the minute we stepped foot right in front of the Bayon
#3- An Apsara dancer carving
#6- A very serene looking stone face
#7 - Smiling stone faces
#8- The central tower with the multitude of stone faces
#11 -Bas relief of devatas found on the walls of the temple
#13 - The back view of the temple

Believe it anot, there are altogether 216 stone faces that adorn the towers of the Bayon Temple. Incredible isn't that? Seriously, it really makes me wonder as to who are those stone faces depicted after. There's still debate about who those faces belong to but some say they are a combination of King Jayavarman VII (the one who built the Bayon Temple) and Buddha. The Bayon felt more compact than the Angkor Wat but definitely a very outstanding temple with it's gigantic stone faces smiling proudly to all visitors. It is certainly impressive to look at in the day but come night, it seems like it can get a little scary for me. Nonetheless this temple is certainly one of my fav temple at the Angkor Archaelogical Park. :)

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I wish to visit the place before it vanishes too! Lovely photos dearie. :)

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