Monday, May 14, 2012

Infusion Cafe & Restaurant at KSL City Resort

Last night, to celebrate Mother's Day, me family decided to treat my mum to a buffet dinner at the newly open Infusion Cafe and Restaurant, located at KSL Resort Hotel; proclaimed to be the largest 5 star resort hotel in Johor Bahru.

To be honest, I always find hotel buffets overrated. Doesn't matter if it's any 3 star, 4 star or even 5 star hotels buffet in KL, JB or even Penang. So, I didn't have much expectation on Infusion which turned out to be a good thing because as expected, most of their main courses are so-so only except for the sambal petai and lady finger, rendang and fish fillet which was quite good. But nonetheless, I had to say I find their desserts mostly (if not all) pretty good and the fact that they have TWO chocolate fountains; one the white and the other the dark makes up for everything else. (I know I have such soft spot for chocolate fountains, have one and you win half of me, have two and I'm definitely bought over) ♥

The reception
The interior of the restaurant
Japanese corner
Salad corner
Part of the main courses
DIY Soto corner
Congee corner
The fresh seafood corner. Most of the seafood had been emptied out by the many hungry people around last night
The bbq corner - Barbecued fish fillets
Barbecued prawns
Lamb shank
The desserts. The best part of everything for me

Among some of the stuff that I ate last night,
Sushis and sashimis from the Japanese corner. Their sashimis are decent, not extremely fresh but still ok (if you had ever tasted sashimis at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan, no other sashimi in this world can beat that kind of freshness really)
Fresh scallops- but these too, were decently fresh only

Fresh mussels - these were really fresh though
Grilled scallops
Baked red snapper, bbqed fishes, chicken and mutton among other stuff
My favourite part of the night- desserts
Ice cream for the sweet tooth
The white and dark chocolate fountain. Yum ♥
Tunics, strawberries and marshmallows to be dip. The strawberries and marshmallows were the fastest to be swept clean and even though I was told that they will shortly refill them, but I waited for almost an hour and the marshmallows weren't refilled. *so sad*

My comfort food ♥
The white chocolate is definitely sweeter than the dark one, but it goes perfectly well with the pretty plain tasting tunics and of course the sour strawberries
The only reason for a revisit will be because of these two
Me and my beloved mumsy
So, overall, the food wasn't terrible but not much to shout about either except for their clever plan to include two chocolate fountains to buy over people like me. They do have a very friendly ambience and if you manage to get a window seat, you could even enjoy the view of the busy street below. Besides, for the price we were paying (RM 47 ++), the choices of food are actually quite reasonable. Of course, you wouldn't expect lobster or king crabs for these kinda price. But most importantly, we all had a good time over dinner together and buffet being buffet, we definitely ate till our heart and stomach content.:)

Infusion Cafe and Restaurant, 
KSL Resort,
33, Jalan Seladang,
Taman Abad 80250
Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel : 07-288 2999/ 07- 288 2666
GPS Coordinates: 1.486196 , 103.76279

PS : This is an unpaid review/ advertorial. It is an independent review and all opinions are based on yours truly POV only. Hence, yours truly is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

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Well well company is that matter when the food just so so only. :D happy belated mother's day to ur mommy darling! <3

Caroline : Thanks babe. Happy belated mothers day to ur mummy too :)

Saturday breakfast buffet. Better to come by before 8am. It's buzzing with hungry diners! Staff cleared used plates, fast. Good variety of Asian+Western food. Roti Canai is HOT around here. See my review at