Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ta Prohm aka The Tomb Raider Temple

Cambodia post!

Our third major temple at the Angkor Archaelogical Park (after Angkor Wat and Banteay Srei) was the Ta Prohm temple. Made popular worldwide by the movie Tomb Raider (the one with Angelina Jolie in it), this is definitely one MUST-VISIT Angkor temple.

#1- Sophea dropped us at the East Gate of Ta Prohm where we had to walk like almost 100 m in and along the way there's this group of Cambodian kids singing and doing a little dance with hats make of leaves on their head. It's kinda amusing to watch but if you decided to stay and watch the entire performance, be prepared to part with a few dollars at the end of it. After all, nothing comes free in this world, more so when it's a 'performance' by a group of Cambodian kids at a popular tourist spot
#2- The east gate of Ta Prohm. The first thing that struck my mind was those enormous trees that sprung out from the ruins of Ta Prohm
#3- This is the epic 'Tomb Raider' tree where Lara Croft picked a jasmine flower and got sucked beneath the earth (scene from the movie Tomb Raider)
#4- Taking epic pictures at the epic tree! The thick, strong roots springing off the ground covering the ruins of the temple so decoratively
#6- More gigantic enormous trees around Ta Prohm
#7- Almost 95% of the corridors and galleries at Ta Prohm are impassible with jumbled piles of huge stones blocking their entrances like these
#8- The towers at Ta Prohm are mostly short towers unlike those at Angkor Wat. Visitors are also not permitted to climb the towers anymore for fear of damage to both the visitors and the temple
#10 - Large trees and huge stones found in abundant around this temple
#11 - Look at how beautiful those tree roots intertwined as they wrapped the wall of the temple
#12- One of the few narrow corridors accesible to visitors
#14- A 45 degree tree
#15- The West Gate closed for renovation and restoration work at the time of our visit

We exited at the west side of the temple albeit not through the West Gate. Seriously, the cross between gorgeous nature and artful architecture makes Ta Prohm one very unique temple to visit. Besides the jungle atmosphere and those super huge enormous trees blocking out most of the sun makes it one of the coolest temple around. And of course, walking through the ruins of Ta Prohm certainly felt like walking through a scene of Tomb Raider or even Indiana Jones with the place radaring off a vintage, mysterious and adventurous aura! :)

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Oh your post reminded me of my Cambodian trip 2 years ago! Fond memories! : )

Foongpc : I feel you. Fond memories indeed! :)