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Ship Village Seafood Restaurant

A deviation from my SEA travelogue. Yesterday, I did a day trip to Batu Pahat (about 1-1 1/2 hour from Johor Bahru) with some of my colleagues and bosses. Our purpose there was to attend a seminar on upper GI, which was held at the Katerina Hotel. Since it was organized by the Surgical Department of Hospital Batu Pahat, of course the whole focus was on the surgical management part of some of the upper GI diseases. But aside from the purpose of attending the seminar, our next purpose was of course to also 'jalan-jalan cari makan' in Batu Pahat. :)

Honestly, after seeking Uncle Google's opinion about good food in Batu Pahat, we gathered that Batu Pahat is supposedly famous for two main cuisine - Beriani rice and salted (egg) crabs. Since we could only choose one between the two for dinner, we finally decided to go for the seafood. And once again, Uncle Google told us that the most talked about or best seafood restaurant in Batu Pahat is the Ship Village Seafood Restaurant.

Since none of us were familiar with Batu Pahat, we consulted Google Map for directions and while Google Map managed to lead us onto Jalan Minyak Beku (where the restaurant is located), we had a pretty hard time finding the exact location for the restaurant. It surprised me that for a supposedly well-known restaurant like that they do not have signboards on the roadside that point towards it's location. We kinda got lost somewhere inside Jln Minyak Beku trying to locate it until fortunately we met a kind passer-by who gave us the directions to the restaurant. The road leading to Ship Village is actually the last junction on the left along the long stretch of Jln Minyak Beku and the restaurant itself is located near the famous temple for their giant araipama (which according to local believe, if you can touch the fishes, you will strike rich). You can also try looking out for signboard that point towards 'SRJK Chong Hwa Batu Pahat' too as they are located along the same road.
In the midst of being lost, we found ourselves at the ferry terminal
Alas, we finally found the restaurant! Notice how small their signboard is. And it is not even placed outside. Only after you go deep inside in search of the restaurant, you can see it. You can't park directly in front of the restaurant but worry not, just follow the flow of cars to see where the car park is and it is a short 5 minutes walk to the restaurant from the car park

Our initial purpose there was for the salted crabs but upon entering the restaurant, it immediately hit us that the Ship Village is more like a seafood restaurant that caters mainly to tourists instead of locals. And after realizing that they sell their crabs at RM 70/75 per kg, we decided to skip the crabs altogether. After all, I can get the exact same crabs at a price much lower than them in some of the  seafood restaurant in JB itself, what's more I had tasted really good salted crabs before too, so the whole idea of paying 'tourists' prices doesn't entice me at all, doesn't matter if they are the best in Batu Pahat anot. 

Instead, we decided to treat ourselves to the other seafood such as the slipper lobster and stingray (their next most popular food).
Kam-heong slipper lobsters. I find this the most delicious dish. It's sufficiently flavorful and a tad spicy. Totally recommended. RM 35
Steam stingray - another of their specialty. The secret with steaming stingray is that the stingrays have to be really fresh. If not, they will have a strong fishy taste. Thankfully, their stingrays are fresh so this is actually quite good if you can accept stingrays being steamed instead of the usual grilled
The other dishes that we ordered. The deep fried calamari rings and sambal kang kung were pretty normal and their fried egg with oysters was a total disappointment. I mean seriously, the fried egg with oysters was just as it's name implied- just eggs being fried and dotted with minimal mini oysters. I don't take oysters but the oysters on the eggs are so mini that I almost don't feel anything even eating them. Personally, I think fried oyster eggs at hawker centres are at least 10 times better than that
It is called Ship Village because the restaurant is literally on a ship
Minyak Beku at low tide

Our total bill came up to RM 90. Pricey if you ask me. I think this restaurant is seriously too overrated. It's really just pretty average seafood (trust me, I had tasted much better) and the fact that it is pricey makes things worse. Perhaps they are really the best in Batu Pahat but I only rate it 6-6.5/10. The good thing about the restaurant though is that they have very very fast service, beating even McDonald's in term of speed. The dishes were served within minutes one after another. And located by the Straits of Malacca makes it a good spot to eat with nice view of the sunset at dusk. Otherwise, perhaps just go for the Beriani rice the next time. :)

Ship Village Seafood Retaurant
No 68 Kg Segenting, Jalan Minyak Beku
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
Tel 07-4287184

Disclaimer : This is an unpaid review/ advertorial. All opinions are based on yours truly POV only. Hence,yours truly is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinions. :)

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hahah dam expensive le when I seeing RM 70++ per kg lol

Kian Fai : Haha yeah that's why we decided to skip the crabs altogether :)

hey! is this restaurant halal-certified?

@kkkappuccino I don't remember them stating halal but they do not serve pork or lard :)