Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ajisai Japanese Restaurant

My love for Japanese food have brought me constantly searching for new good Japanese restaurants around. I'm more than willing to try out any Japanese food outlets even if they are just vaguely recommended. So, me family decided to try out Ajisai (coincidentally right beside Rosmarino) for dad's birthday dinner last night. The restaurant, being two-storey is divided into the smoking and non-smoking floor and the non-smoking floor was packed on a Saturday night but fortunately for us, we still managed to get a room all to ourselves.

Our food took a while to come but I figured that's because the whole restaurant was filled with people. Hence, you can imagine how famished we were by the time our food finally arrived.

The avocado and tempura prawn sushi roll
Soft shell crab sushi roll
Grilled asparagus and bacon roll in teriyaki sauce ♥
This is called the tofu tosa age - it is similar to the agedashi tofu except that they are deep fried till crispy brown and served with dried shaved bonito flakes
The stir fried eggplants and prawns with chilli sauce. However, the chilli sauce tasted more like sweet and sour sauce instead. Nonetheless, it's a very refreshing appetizer and the eggplants are really good
Seafood okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) - every mouthful makes you craves for more ♥
Tonkotsu ramen. Instead of the usual tonkotsu ramen in soup (which they also have), this is the dry version where we can either eat the ramen the dry style which I wouldn't recommend or eat it the cha soba way, dipping each spoonful into the flavorful soup before putting them into the mouth
Shioyaki udon- it's basically fried udon with pork and cabbages topped with bonito flakes
The seafood teppanyaki soba which is very good too. Very flavorful indeed
Oyako don - the don set consisting of chicken with scrambled eggs on rice, pickles, fruits and soup. Sadly, their rice is not as good as their noodles. The rice are way too sticky and clumpy and the chicken is rather bland tasting
Shira Tama Macha Ice - green tea ice cream with red bean and mochi. They should have made the red bean less watery and more concentrated. It would have taste much better that way imho
With daddy ♥
Overall, the food are not bad especially the okonomiyaki, eggplants with prawns, tofu and the noodles that I really like. But their rice dishes such as the don and even for the sushi are a tad too sticky for my liking. It's as though they didn't have enough time to wait for the rice to cook properly and there's still a lot of water in the rice if you know what I mean. Most of their dishes are very flavorful weighing more to the salty side. The other downside of Ajisai is the fact that they do not provide sweet sauce foc (they charge RM 3 for every small plateful of the sweet sauce). How sad is that since most of their food are all on the salty side, the normal salty soy sauce will only makes thing worse and we couldn't even have the sweet sauce to balance up the taste. I mean you can request but it's too ridiculous to pay RM 3 for sauce just like how I boycott restaurants that charge for their sambal or chilli sauce. And despite having a room all to ourselves, the walls between the rooms are either simply too thin or people are just talking extremely loud as we can hear all conversation and noise from the group of customers dining next to us crystal clear which is kinda disturbing. Nonetheless, for the good part of their food, large portion and reasonable price, I think they do deserves a 7/10. :)

Ajisai Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd, 
63, Jalan Kuning 2,
Taman Pelangi
80400 Johor Bahru
Tel :07-3315458

PS : This is not a paid advertorial or review. All opinions are based on yours truly POV only hence yours truly is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

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