Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Turning 16 at Sweetwater Bar and Bistro

I turned '16' last week! It was definitely amazing turning another year younger and wiser, especially when one is surrounded by equally amazing people who showers me with much love. Since I was working in the day, we decided to have a little celebration over a nice dinner. And we decided to go Mediterranean this time round. It's still literally Western cuisine but with a touch of classic Mediterranean recipes through the likes of Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Greece and Turkey. There aren't many Mediterranean restaurants in Johor Bahru, but one of the more reputable one that I know of is the Sweetwater Bar and Bistro.

The birthday girl :)
Basket of fresh, hot bread served on the house to start off our meal
My choice of the night- Salmone alla griglia char.  Awesomely thick and succulent grilled salmon with butternut squash, honey and raspberry vinaigrette
HT's rotisserie young duckling seasoned with dry marinate and served moist with a crispy skin, red cabbage salad and drizzled with orange sauce. It was defnitely a tantalizing blend of tender, soft meat on the inside and crispy skin on the outside
Sis's tender spring chicken spit cooked with oyster mushrooms and confit of potato. The spring chicken is cook to perfect tenderness and the potato so soft. The potato is not too buttery nor creamy, just nice simply
Mum's moroccan chicken with kalamata olives, preserved lemon and coriander served with saffron rice. Another very flavorful and delectable dish
Dad's linguine with clams. I'm not much a fan of clams but dad said they are pretty good and fresh too
A pizza Mare e Monti from the fire wood oven to share- totally love the combination of mozarrella, tiger prawns, aspragus, tomato and mushroom. The only minus point was the overly baked crust edges that was slightly burnt, otherwise this traditional pizza is surely much applauded
This time round, we didn't had the desserts from Sweetwater as we were all saving spaces for my super yummy birthday cake ♥
My new love from Secret Recipe - the chocolate berries cheesecake. It's so delish and good that I can't resist helpings after helpings of it. The superb combination of a little sourish sweet berries topping and chocolate bottom
The lovelies ♥
With so much of yummy food and cake, it's no wonder I'm growing in width again. #dilemmaofagirl Overall, I rate Sweetwater a sweet 8/10. The food are delish with the portion just nice for one, not too large and not too small either. The ambience too is welcoming and romantic with an open kitchen concept. Nonetheless, food there is kinda pricey but I felt still worth it for the quality and service. It was really comfortable dining there and definitely a very relax and enjoyable dinner to spend a birthday evening. :)

Sweetwater Bar and Bistro (Mediterranean Restaurant),
116, Jalan Serampang,
Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia
Tel : 607-331 4349
Website :

PS : This is not a paid advertorial or review. All opinions are based on yours truly point of view only hence yours truly is not responsible for any discrimination in taste or opinion. :)

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happy belated 16th birthday! u are so young!

Happy belated birthday! :D All of the dish look equally delish YUMSSS

Hey am really wondering you are only 16 yrs old? amazing blog by a 16 yrs old young lady! keep it up :)

Alexis : haha I'm jz wondering.. So what if I'm more than 16? Is this blog still amazing then? :)