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My CNY and Valentine 2013

I know Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is over about a week ago, but I had been so preoccupied recently that I had not had the time to actually sit down and blogged. So with a little time to spare today, I shall update a little on my Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day this year. It's always that noisy time of the year where fireworks and firecrackers light and boom the sky, where delicious Chinese New Year cookies and mandarin oranges filled every corner of the house, where red is the most favourite color of the year and innocent games of mahjong and pokers are played among family and friends.

It has always been one of my favourite time of the year as well with so much Chinese New Year goodies to indulge in, so much so that I must had put on some extra kilos from all those eating. Of course, it's that time of the year where everyone dressed up in new clothes everyday and finally able to meet up with some of those that you had not seen in ages. :)

Outfit #1- Shining gold with peplum top from Forever 21 and skirt from H & M
Outfit #2- Gong xi gong xi! The favourite CNY color. Lace dress from Dorothy Perkins
Outfit #3- Going really lacey this Chinese New Year with another electric blue lace dress from H&M
The Chinese New Year staple- Yee Sang. We ate so much of this throughout the CNY that if the believe of tossing it will bring one more prosperity and a better year, this year will definitely be a very prosperous and good one for me! :p
One of my favourite is none other than my mummy love pineapple cookies! Yes, I'm not a big fan of pineapple tarts or cookies but I simply adore those that my mummy made. They are just so super yummy
Pretty Chinese New Year cupcakes specially from Shirlyn love
The oh-so famous Lim Chee Guan bak gua (barbequed pork) from Singapore. If you have never heard of it, these bak gua has got Singaporeans going all gaga over them. Singaporeans are willing to queue hours just to buy them and their business is so good that they have to have limitation on the number of bak gua each individual is entitle to buy. Like only up to 1 kg per person. And even with 3 branches all over Singapore now, their bak gua are sold out by 12 in the afternoon!!
With all the square ones sold out, HT were left only with these coin shape ones. None the less, they are just as good. So with all the huff and puff about them, my expectation of them will definitely be high and truly, they did not disappoint. I always loveeeee eating them bak gua, no matter which brand they are and after eating so many variety of them, I think the most distinguish feature of the Lim Chee Guan is the fact that every single piece of the bak gua are barbecued so perfectly that NONE of them are overburn. You know how most of the bak gua usually have at least part of their bak gua burnt but all of my bak gua pieces are perfectly nice, not overburn, not too oily and have a tinge of sweetness in them ♥
The long queue outside Lim Chee Guan at Ion Orchard 

Since I had cravings for chocolate during Chinese New Year, we decided to drive across the causeway and fulfilled ourselves at my favourite chocolate place around, the Max Brenner at the Esplanade , Singapore. Come to think of it, it's really such a bliss to be living only one causeway away from Singapore so much so it's so convenient to just go over without needing the need to sacrifice any leaves or offs or whatever. (click here and here to read my previous posts on Max Brenner)
Pure sinful chocolate indulgence!! ♥ ♥ ♥
The Marina Bay Sands glowing in gold at sunset
The Marina Bay Sands through the fish eye lens
My Chinese zodiac :)
My dearest B! ♥
My babes
My high school babes!
More of us
The uni mates who are here in JB

And coincidentally, Valentine's day also fell on the 5th day of Chinese New Year this year. Me and HT decided to go try out Chez Papa, the reputable French cuisin restaurant for our Valentine's date this year.
Coming home to this lovely bouquet of roses after work
All French restaurant staple- the fresh fluffy bread before meal
Pop a champagne for Valentine's this year
The very delicious seafood quiche. Totally love the super fresh seafood
Carrot and asparagus soup
My main course- the grilled salmon
HT' s grilled pigeon. Yeap, they have pigeon for the night
The somewhat not so fantastic chocolate cake
A picture together
As it was Valentine's, Chez Papa only had Valentine's set dinner, hence limiting our true experience of savouring their true dining experience. I really like their appetizer and soup but I find their main courses somewhat average only. Still, I really like their friendly service and romantic ambience.

Chez Papa French Bistro and Wine Room,
38 and 40,
Jalan Jaya,
Taman Maju Jaya,
80400 Johor Bahru
Tel 07-333 4988

Although it's just not too long ago that I had my CNY break, but it does felt like such a long time had elapsed. So much thing had happened in between and who would had thought, those little monsters aka kids are actually my inspiration to go to work daily now. Just seeing their little smile and twinkling innocent eyes makes me happy and sad both at the same time actually. Don't get me wrong but it's just sad thinking how some of these cute little fellas could grow up to thread on the wrong path. But seeing them get well and smile brightly at me is really, the best part of my job right now.

Anyhoos, I hope all of you did had a good Chinese New Year and Valentine's too. To a better 'snake' year everyone. :)

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