Monday, June 17, 2013

My Sexy Red Gucci Handbag

Well, a girl can never have too many bags, can she? More so if the bag is one super gorgeous, eye-catching, attention-grabbing, show-stopping and heart melting sexy red Gucci handbag. Ever since my trip to Italy many years ago, I have fallen quite in love with this Italian brand designer handbags. But being on the high end side, it's not something that we commonly buy as much as we like them. Hence, you can't tell how excited I'm when I receive my first ever Gucci handbag yesterday, so much so it deserves a post. Brought back all the way from the land of origin, Italy itself, it was like falling in love right from the moment I peaked at it from afar. Although I had seen the bag online thousands of times, all the same I was palpitating and giddy with excitement seeing and feeling the real thing now. It was like being transformed back to being my 7 years old self, unwrapping and revealing the lovely bag with much glee and anticipation. ♥

Can't wait to see the treasure beneath the signature dustbag
Voila, the all new Gucci Nice Microguccissima Dark Red Glossy Patent Leather Top Handle handbag! A pretty long name but don't you think it's just about one of the prettiest thing ever made? ♥
The bag has an ultra feminine shape that is suitable for so many occasions
A close up. Look at the perfect and meticulous craftmanship. Perfect stitching and perfect GG monogram embossed within the sexy dark red patent leather. But, you won't expect anything less than such perfect craftmanship for a designer handbag that do not come cheap either, no? Besides, this is one of it's differentiating point from all of it's fake counterparts. Yes, a fake will never achieve such fine level of craftmanship as the original
The handle
Side view
The inside of the bag. Very spacious with one zip and 2 smart phone pockets
The label. Made in Italy

Aside from being so obviously gorgeous, I really love how lightweight and how nice those glossy leather smells. Besides, since it's new arrival, it means we don't have them in our SEA stores yet and it means I'm perhaps one of the only few around this region to have one now (narcissistic mode on)! No, but really the best part is unlike the usual monogram GG bag, there is no annoying replica of this yet which somehow makes it special. Honestly, I just feel happy looking at it every day. I know, this obsession is here to stay for a while now. ♥ :)

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Yahoo! A very nice chilly red handbag. I like it also.

Congrats on the new bag, it's beautiful! (And I'm not ashamed to say that as a guy). :-)

I buy a lot of non-branded items to get the best value...but it is nice once in a while to spurge on a nice item from a well-known company.

(I recently bought a BMW X5 from my Dentist...and I'm loving it!)

Angela : Hehe..thanks.. it's really very pretty :)

Mike : It's been a while. lol

This is a pretty bag! Congrats! Where to buy it?

come follow my blog hehe