Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'17th' Birthday At The Marco Polo Kitchen

Celebrated my inaugural "17th" birthday at The Marco Polo Kitchen last Wednesday. Alright, I know those of you that knows me knows better but whatever, it's my birthday and I can be any age I like. haha! Anyways, since I just started my new chapter as a MO a few weeks back and I'm still in my tagging period, I was working as usual on my birthday and was fortunate enough to be able to have the night free so that I could at least had a decent birthday dinner with my lovely HT and family.

We decided to take the opportunity to explore around Johor Bahru for a new worthy food place and based on some recommendation, we found ourselves at The Marco Polo Kitchen (no pork restaurant) which is smack right at the upcoming Bukit Indah area.

Happy birthday to me :)
Their newspaper like menu
Caramel macchiato
MP Signature yogurt drink which supposedly is made up of yogurt, pure dark chocolate and walnut but to be honest, I could not taste any yogurt in my drink. It turned up to be more of a chocolate ice blended
Starter of the day- creamy tomato soup that's a little tad salty towards the end
Baked Calamari with Kidney Beans- I pretty love how the squids blend so well with the lemon juice, olive oil, kidney beans, carrots and onions. The squids themselves are pretty juicy and amazingly not too rubbery
Chicken Quesadillas- It's not easy looking for quesadillas in JB, what's more a good one, but we found a pretty good one here
Classic fish and chips, which is really crispy. And it's Ladies Day every Wednesday. Which means, every lady who orders something off the main course menu (such as this fish and chips) will get a free dessert every Wednesday! The perks of being a lady :)
We also ordered something from the 'Fine menu'- Snow fish with risotto, french beans and button mushroom with lemon sauce
Fettucini chicken alfredo which is really cheesy and creamy
Being an Italian restaurant, their pizza is a must try. We totally fell in love with this Sailorman pizza which comes with mussels, squids and prawns as topping. We love how their crust is so crisp and thin yet their filling soft and flavorful. Two thumbs up for the pizza
Our free dessert of the night courtesy of Ladies Day- the ever classic banana split
And finally it's time to make a wish, blow the candle and cut the cake. HT had specially ordered the Humble Beginnings Cheesy Cheese Mille Crepe with peach toppings for me! Such love knowing that the Humble Beginnings mille crepes are my favourite
In less than a minute, half the mille crepe was gone! It's really good and what better combination in this world than two of my favourite food in a cake; cheese and mille crepe altogether!
I'm still a little girl at heart who hearts prezzies! 

The best part of a celebration is really the opportunity to spend time with people who are dear to you. It's simply just an excuse so that close family and friends can gather, perhaps indulge a little or to try out something new or fun. So, it was definitely amazing being able to spend time with some of my closest people exploring a whole new Italian restaurant in town on my birthday. As a whole, we had a good night out, we enjoyed and love the food at Marco Polo (I rate them a 7/10) and their simple and contemporary ambience is welcoming enough. Although located a little far from where I stay,  I still certainly will go back again, especially for their pizza! (did I also mention I'm a fan of pizza). 

And once again, thanks everyone for making my "17th" an amazing one. *xoxo* :)

The Marco Polo Kitchen,
35, Jalan Indah 15/2,
Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-234 3111

PS : This is an not an advertorial or paid review. All reviews are based on your truly POV only hence yours truly is not responsible for any discrepancy in taste or opinion. :)

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