Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Piedra Negra Johor Bahru

Celebrated sis's birthday last Saturday at the only Mexican restaurant in town, the Piedra Negra Mexican Restaurant. Ask any JB-rians and I'm sure most will scratch their head to think twice of a Mexican restaurant that is worthy of recommendation. It's seriously that difficult to look for an authentic and good Mexican restaurant around town, so I was glad we came across this casual, homely and friendly Mexican restaurant finally.

A branch of Piedra Negra Singapore, their Malaysia outlet is located at Taman Nusa Bestari (some 30-45 minutes from JB town). Their colourful exterior exudes a playful and fun theme while the non air condition interior with it's low light brings out a homely and friendly feel.

This is a Mexican drink known as the Horchata which is a combination of rice, vanilla and cinnamon. A pretty acquired tasting drink especially when it has a tinge of saltiness to it
Our starter of the day - the must have Mexican dish, the nachos! Topped with Mexican beans, chicken slices, deliciously melted cheese guacamole and sour cream, the nachos was a delight. They were just so nice like that because they gave us additional guacamole 
Mum decided to be on the 'healthy' side by ordering a vegetarian pizza to share. I wish their pizza crust was crispier though
Dad went for the grilled seabass with rice 
Another must not miss Mexican dish- the quesadilla. Stuffed with cheese and chicken (the other 2 choices being beef and mushroom), every bite was delightful
B's alambre which is grilled beef served with tortillas. The grilled beef was super tender and fragrant it was delicious eating it on it's own or wrapped up in the tortillas
Sis's grilled boneless chicken chop which was juicy and aromatic as well
And finally, our last dish of the night which they had almost forgotten- the enchilada which is slightly fried tortilla stuffed with chicken and top with their homemade salsa verde and melted cheese. This was a little spicy but equally tasty
And finally, time to make a wish and blow the cake! We had gotten sis her favourite Baskin Robbins chocolate brownie ice cream cake and it was one lovely ice cream affair with the cake
Happy birthday sis! Love you!

Once again, it was a very fulfilling birthday dinner especially since my brother was back for the weekend as well. The food at Piedra Negra was overall delicious (8/10) and the price reasonable. Although their portions are not humongous, but I felt it is sufficiently enough especially when add on with appetizers and desserts. Their helpful and fun staffs also makes the whole dining experience even more enjoyable. And if you are the birthday star, you have the bonus of putting on the sombrero too. :)

I'm just glad that at last, we have an option of good Mexican food around town to satisfy the Mexican food cravings especially since I'm pretty much a fan myself (don't have to travel across the border or miles away anymore for Mexican food). Certainly looking forward to more good Mexican restaurants to introduce themselves to the JB folks here but till then, Piedra Negra will be my choice. :)

PS : This is not an advertorial or paid review. All opinions are based on yours truly POV only, hence yours truly is not responsible for any discrepancies in taste or opinion. :)

Piedra Negra Mexican Restaurant,
107, Jalan NB 2 2/2,
Taman Nusa Bestari 2,
81300 Skudai, 
Johor Bahru
Tel : 07- 557 9018

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