Thursday, November 05, 2015

Cooper, My Baby Chow Chow

October had been a crazy month at work and November isn't any much better either. Mainly crazy because I was oncall almost every other day and I was in the hospital so often even on weekends it really felt as if I married myself to the hospital. None the less, in spite of the tiring calls, this boy here never fail to lift up my spirit. This boy is none other than a very special new family member. Some of you may already know him and for those who don't, I'm talking about Cooper, my very adorable and observant yet mischievous, lazy and manja puppy! (despite the fact that he's almost 11 months now, he is still a puppy by definition)

He is a cream chow chow and he oficially became a part of my family, a part of me since January this year. I name him Cooper, simply because I love Bradley Cooper so much. Haha! Well, more truthfully, the name Cooper and a few others crossed my mind initially, so I decided to do some googling on those names ( I know, google makes everything so convenient these days including your pet name's meaning) and according to most pet naming sites, Cooper generally means fun and happy and that's what I want my Cooper to be; to be always having fun and happy.

Well, even though Cooper is certainly all handsome, adorable, cuddly, intelligent and you have no reason to not fall in love with him at all but having a dog is really a huge responsibility. I really like to advise anyone who is tempted to have one to really consider if you will have the time, commitment and of course money to own a dog. Since we are their only family, naturally dogs will need our companionship every day. If you don't keep them company enough, they can actually develop depression. They also need time for feeding, exercise, training, grooming and socialization. We have to also know that especially when they are puppies and not housetrained, they can cause a lot of problems if they live in the house like peeing at the wrong places, possibility of damaging furnitures or even your personal belongings. We did took some time to housetrained Cooper and that was quite exhausting. And surely, all those dogs food, snacks, health checks, grooming and if you decide to send them for obedience training all requires money.

Having said all that, now let's take a look at Cooper!

Cooper on his first car ride home at 6 weeks old
Everyone, say hello to Cooper! :)
My lengzhai
Those were the days when he was still so tiny I could single-handedly carried him
Cooper first day at home
Cooper exploring the house. He must had felt anxious then being in a whole new environment
A close up on Cooper
Fluffy boy
My boy with his unique bluish-purplish tongue
Even when he yawns, he melts me!
Cooper at 7 weeks and all ready for his first vaccination
OMG! That manja face
When he look me in the eyes, I melt a 100 times over
Cooper at the vet
Teething period was a headache. Even though I bought him toys to chew on, his favourite was my legs. My legs were scarred and bruised all thanks to his play bites. Thankfully, he did not had much teeth back then. We tried the time out method, the walk away method, the pretend-to-be-in-pain method, the say 'NO' method and almost every other methods other dog owners having the same problem recommended. The pretend-to-be-in-pain method seems to work best for a brief period of time before I think he saw through that it was an act! Eventually, we managed to teach him to understand NO :)
Little fat boy learning how to climb stairs at 8 weeks old
Cooper at 10 weeks old
That scowl! Cooper, the grumpy bear the first time my mum tried to dress him up
Cooper refusing to see anyone
Cooper : I just want some me time
Taking a break from his 'photoshoots'
Cooper at 12 weeks old during Chinese New Year
He was getting a little heavy to carry at this age but still able to lift him up
Mandarin oranges, anyone?
The trick to get him focus
Cooper in his Chinese new year outfit
Me with my gong xi fa cai puppy
Pink vs bluish-purplish tongue
Our first wefie together. I think Cooper did pretty well for the camera *wink*. I seriously suspect he's quite a poser. He actually knows how to look at the camera for wefies!
Who wants a basket of chow chow?
His face when given treats
Sausage Cooper

After shower look
This is how Cooper greets me everytime I goes home. He will first whine or bark and when he finally sees me, he will rub his huge head against me and sniff, lick or playfully bites
Cooper first trip to KL. Cooper : Oh man, why so jam KL?
My piggy Cooper in lala land with all his soft toys accompanying
Cooper at 14 weeks old. Such a bear

This boy has certainly brought all of us plenty of laughter, happiness and fun with all his adorableness and never ending antics. He never fail to make me smile even in my most unhappy time. It has been such a joy to watch him grow from day to day. Having a new pup is not easy, as I had mentioned earlier and they really require a lot of attention, care and love. Cooper did took up a huge part of my time; to understand, to handle his daily needs and his weekly routines but he is definitely worth the love, time and effort.

There are still more of Cooper as he continues growing but I reckoned it will be a little too much to try to fit all into one entry. Thus, I'll post more of the bigger Cooper in coming posts. Do stay tuned. Till then, have a lovely November peeps. :)

PS : Cooper is on instagram too @cooperchowchow. So in case you want to follow on his activities more closely, do follow him on his instagram! :)

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